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Heading to the future, GTI Taipei Expo 2019 opens the new amusement format for you! 2019-04-27

On April 25-27, the 26th GTI Asia Taipei Expo was grandly inaugurated at A Zone, Hall 1, Taipei World Trade Center (TWTC), Taipei City. Jointly organized by TAMA, TDEA and GTI,the show was themed by “integrating into a new chapter, heading to the future”. Though the development of the global game & amusement industry is imbalance, and the needs of the market drop down, GTI Asia Taipei Expo still covered various kinds of products, including video game, online game, VR/AR, inflatable, children amusement equipment, sport amusement equipment, games’ R&D, solution, parts and other related products. It hoped to expand the amusement’s diversity, and focused on the internationalization and quality to create a worldwide “name card” - MIT, and leads the industry to follow a new format of pan-amusement. Exhibition info
Name: The 26th GTI Asia Taipei Expo
Exhibition hours: 10am-6pm, April 25-26
10am -4pm, April 27
Address: A Zone, Hall 1, Taipei World Trade Center (TWTC), Taipei City
Organizers: GTI, TAMA, TDEA, Taiwan Slot, Game Time International Magazine, China Amuse
E-Mail: gametime@taiwanslot.tw   

Exhibitors’ activities:

  1. 36 large video games including “Monster Eye 2”, as well as 5 classic online games to make you enjoy the new amusement experiences from IGS ——A90
  2. Honey Wars, the knockout match of “Clear Eyes and Nimble Hands” from Feiloli ——A28
  3. The initial competition of novel basketball game from Wu Mar Harng & Paokai. ——A100
  4. The 10th audition of “China Cup” from Saint-Fun International ——A42
  5. The latest pinball machine and popcorn machine from Wee Chin ——A30
  6. The lucky draw + dancing performance from Yuanmei ——A89
  7. Lord Of The World, an interactive game experience from Bingotimes Digital ——A17
  8. New games experience and live lucky draw  ——A102

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