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RAAPA Expo 2024
[2019-09-05] Open the fun origin, meet a new future!
[2019-09-02] Acquire the activity schedule of GTI Asia China Expo in advance
[2019-08-26] Keep Up With the World - Global Partners of GTI Asia China Expo 2019!
[2019-08-23] Amusement park chain brands gather at GTI Asia China Expo
[2019-08-21] GTI China Expo 2019 Organizing Committee Bulletin
[2019-08-16] Semonx meet you at GTI Asia China Expo!
[2019-07-24] Warmly invitation! Download the ticket of GTI Asia China Expo
[2019-07-22] VR & AR Zones of GTI Asia China Expo - Creates A New
[2019-07-02] With 140,000 Visits! GTI GZ Expo Leads You to Excel thru the Show's Marketing!
[2019-06-18] 2019年GTI廣州展『參展廠商手冊』提供下載服務
[2019-04-18] CWPE 2019: Daxin, a water park equipment manufacturer providing one-stop service
[2018-12-27] The booths are now waiting for you! GTI Asia China Expo officially launched the work of booth allocation!
[2018-12-06] Shaking the world and creating the next - GTI Asia China Expo 2019 will start booth allocation (2018/12/06)
[2018-09-12] GTI Asia China Expo welcomes you to co-draw the GTI photo gallery! (2018/09/12)
[2018-09-11] GTI Fun Festival: Welcome the 10th anniversary together with foreign and domestic companies (2018/09/11)
[2018-09-10] GTI is coming! UNIS invites you to the booth #No.1T02! (2018/09/10)
[2018-09-04] 25 regions’ exhibitors gathering in GTI Asia China Expo (2018/09/03)
[2018-08-30] GTI Asia China Expo 2018 Leads You Up to Preview Exhibitors’ Events (2018/08/30)
[2018-08-28] GTI Asia China Expo 2018 Organizing Committee Bulletin (2018/08/28)
[2018-08-13] GTI’s call-up, right here waiting for you (2018/08/13)
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DEAL 2024
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