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GTI Asia China 2019
Shaking the world and creating the next - GTI Asia China Expo 2019 will start booth allocation (2018/12/06) 2018-12-06

The 11th edition of GTI Asia China Expo (GTI GZ Expo) will commence booth allocation officially for global exhibitors from December 20th.  Founded in 2009, GTI Asia China Expo has adhered to push the development of game & amusement industry and devote itself heart and soul to serving the industry.  Hand in hand with numerous insiders, GTI GZ Expo not only overcame various challenges and tests, but also broke through all kinds of difficulties and obstructions to seize the moment and business opportunities.  After a decade’s experience, GTI GZ Expo has become a window for industrial businessmen from home and abroad to communicate, a big stage to witness the fast development of game & amusement industry as well as an international game and amusement show which is exclusive, concentrated, and specialized.

Every year, GTI runs to every famous industrial expos to do promotion.  We visit more than 10 countries such as Britain, America, Dubai, Italy, Holland, Argentine, Turkey, Germany, France, Russia, India, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Cambodia, Thailand, Colombia, the Philippines, Iran to make China amusement “going abroad” become truth, and integrate global game and amusement.

Throughout the whole country, the society is making progress, the economic is growing and the consumption is upgrading.  Two-child policy is a catalyst of the industrial growth.  Focusing on the global, pace, development, cooperation and win-win model become the trend of the era.  “The Belt and The Road” is an amulet for the industry to produce a new platform for international cooperation.  However, under the flourish, “Red Sea Market” is formed, reshuffle process of the market becomes inevitable, and innovative development is urgent.  Everywhere is full of vitality and challenges.  Under this environment, GTI GZ Expo 2019 will take place on Sept. 10-12 at Area A, China Import and Export Fair Pazhou Complex, Guangzhou, China.  It will cooperate with every industrial elite to look for new channels for integrating industrial resources and new chances for crossover development.  Assisting the industry and doing businesses, GTI strives to build a bridge to connect international game & amusement via itself comprehensiveness, diversity, expansibility, speciality and internationality.

Standard booth (3m *3m x2.5m) Includes

①A company fascia board
②Three-side wall panels (Booth with two entrances are two-side)
③A plug with basic power (110V/5A)
④Two folding chairs
⑤A reception desk
⑥Basic carpeting
⑦A wastebasket
⑧Two spotlights


    ①The contract shall come to force only after it is signed and stamped by both parties.
    ②Once the Exhibitor has confirmed the booth, he/she must remit the 30% of the booth fee as the deposit within 7 days, or he/she will be regarded as giving up the booth allocation. GTI committee will have right to notify and cancel the booth.
    ③The rest of the amount must be paid in full before May 31,2019, If not, GTI committee will reserve the right to retrieve the booth, and the contract will be regarded as invalid.
    ④Pornography, gambling and drugs, counterfeit and shoddy products, infringing goods, controlled goods by the police are banned at the show floor. All the exhibits against the rules and laws will be confiscated, and the booth fee will be not returned. All the consequences and losses arising therefrom shall be borne by the lawbreaker.

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