September 24 , 2020 02:49 am
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[2020-09-21] Anhui Hey Wave at GTI Asia China Expo
[2020-09-08] Exhibitor List for 2020 GTI Asia China Exp
[2020-09-01] Welcome to GTI Asia China Expo | Buyers’ Must-read Notice
[2020-08-29] GTI Asia China Expo | Exhibitors’ Must-read Notice
[2020-08-19] Together We Will Lead The Industry Forward
[2020-07-17] GTI GZ Expo Assists You in the Fierce Marketing Battle
[2020-07-10] Online Ticket of GTI GZ Expo is Available to Download Now
[2020-05-26] Lilytoys: Welcome to Visit CWPE & GTI Expo in September 
[2020-04-23] You are welcome to visit GTI GZ Expo
[2020-04-16] Wolong Amusement at GTI Asia China Expo
[2020-04-07] Phase two of the booth allocation is launching
[2020-03-23] The Exhibitors’ Sign-up of GTI Asia China Expo is in Full Swing
[2020-03-19] Suzhou Fwu-Long at GTI&CWPE
[2020-01-09] Yunsen - to be the most reliable inflatables supplier
[2019-12-30] Everything takes on a completely new look, welcome 2020! GTI staff wish you a Happy New Year!
[2019-12-20] The first list of booth booking situation for 2020 Asia China Expo!
[2019-12-12] GTI Asia China Expo 2020 opens the exhibitors’ sign-up on Dec. 18th
[2019-11-19] JiaNanMeiDi harvests a lot
[2019-10-22] GTI Sino-Russian Business Dinner Helps you Understand the New Positioning of Sino-Russian Amusement
[2019-10-22] Rise to Glory! The 11th GTI Asia China Expo Kicked off Grandly!
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