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GTI Asia Taipei Expo will make a grand return on April 26th 2024-04-24

GTI Asia Taipei Expo, the only commercial amusement game machine trade show in Taiwan, organized by Taiwan Amusement Machine Association (TAMA) and Taiwan Digital Entertainment Association (TDEA), will be held on April 26th-28th at A Zone, Hall 1, World Trade Center, Taipei, Taiwan. Following the temporary suspension of GTI Asia Taipei Expo in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the official comeback was announced for this year, assembling the upper, middle and down stream industrial chains of commercial amusement game machine sector. Over 50 exhibitors from mainland China will join the event, showcasing Taiwan’s R&D and manufacturing capabilities.

The largest exhibitor of the current year, IGS International Games, will introduce a multiple of innovative arcade products, including racing games such as ASPHALT 9:LEGENDS ARCADE DX, ASPHALT 9:LEGENDS ARCADE VR, HYPERCROSS, A8 MOTO, Speed Rider 3 DX, ULTRA MOTO VR; shooting games like Monster Eye 3, SAILOR’S QUEST VR; motion-sensing games such as Kamen Rider: Justice Transformed, Ultraman Series: Transformation Battle; and many other games suitable for players of all ages. Attendees are treated to an exciting and engaging arcade experience.

Additionally, the leading crane machine manufacturers like Feiloli, Paokai and Youal-Jifh, offer a diverse range of crane machines. Moreover, several other manufacturers will present an array of products, including patching machines, slot machines, coin pushers, bingo machines, American Flipper pinball, bill acceptors, coin counters, rejectors, card dispensers, cabinets, screens and coils. By combining innovation with creative operation soft power, it can demonstrate to the world that Taiwan boasts not only a thriving electronic and wafer and technology industry, but also a distinctive business model that fuels the consumption economy of education and leisure. (2024/04/24)

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DEAL 2024
RAAPA Expo 2024