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Hot News!!! GTI Asia Taipei Expo 2022 postponed 2022-01-17

At present, the COVID-19 variant is just raging around the world. The COVID-19 recurrence has severely hit the global game and amusement industry that is struggling to recover. Market demand has shrunk, and the Taiwan market has also been affected. Whether venue operators or manufacturers, it will take them a long time to restore the market and production capacity. At the same time, international buyers are subject to strict restrictions on transportation, entry and exit. Buyers’ purchasing needs and exhibitors’ confidence in participating in the exhibition have been greatly impacted, which has seriously hindered the development of offline international business activities. In order to ensure that the exhibition can meet the expectation and protect the rights and interests of exhibitors and buyers, TAMA, TDEA and the Haw Ji Co., Ltd. (GTI) decided to postpone GTI Asia China Expo 2022 after their prudent professional assessment. That is to say, the 27th GTI Asia Taipei Expo originally scheduled to be held at the Taipei World Trade Center on April 14-16, 2022 will be canceled. GTI Organizing Committee will strive to host the expo at a more favorable time next year to find a new starting point for exhibitors and buyers! (2022/01/17)

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