July 22 , 2017 08:49 am
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G2E Asia 2017
GTI Asia China Expo 2017 Booth Booking Kicks off Officially on Mar. 22 (2017/03/15)
On March 22, GTI Asia China Expo 2017 commences booth booking officially for global exhibitors.  All exhibitors around the world are warmly welco...
GTI Asia China Expo, five theme zones are waiting for you! (2016/09/08)
Service Guide for GTI Asia China Expo Guests: Info of Embassies in Guangzhou! (2016/09/06)
[Intellectual Property] Service Desk set at Hall 13.2 (2016/09/05)
GTI Asia China Expo 2016 Organizing Committee Bulletin (2016/08/22)


Due to the rapid development of the Chinese economy and its increasing influence on the global economy, the China market attracts a lot of operators' attention.  As one of the four "BRIC Nations," China has great business opportunities, which a lot of international businesses have set their eyes on, particularly in the gaming business, with two beneficial new policies, "Electronic Arcade Management Regulation" and "Electronic Arcade Special Zone."   Resultantly, the need for amusement/ gaming machines has increased dramatically.  The market has shown promising prospects, and its future development is closely watched by businessmen in this sector around the world.  The 9th GTI Asia China Expo that is organized by Haw Ji Co., Ltd. will be held from September 13~15, 2017 at the  A Zone, China Import and Export Fair Pazhou Complex, Guangzhou City in Guangdong Province, China.  This is the best platform for those who want to enter the Chinese market and purchase Chinese products.  China, with a vast territory and abundant resources has immense needs for entertainment; the government's liberal policy on the comic industry activated the development of game industry.  More and more manufacturers from Taiwan, Japan, Korea and Hong Kong set up factories in China, or cooperate with Chinese manufacturers in order to expand the market.

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