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GTI Asia Taipei Expo 2011 Exhibitor Application


Quantity Unit Value Total Value
Basic booths at GTI Asia Taipei Expo 2011 from May 5 to 7 at TWTC in Taipei, Taiwan ___Booth(s) US$2,000 * US$ __________
* Includes a 3m x 3m booth equipped with wall panels, a desk, two chairs, a carpet on the floor, a plug with basic electric power (5 ampere), basic lighting, and a company fascia board.


Quantity Unit Value Total Value
Basic booths at GTI Asia Taipei Expo 2011 from May 5 to 7 at TWTC in Taipei, Taiwan ___Booth(s) US$1,800 * US$ __________
Only a raw 3m x 3m booth space. Additional electricity, lighting, water, and other equipment, as well as other special services needed should be ordered in advance and will be charged by the construction company.
Bank Information:
Address: 3F, No. 325, Ghung-Hsiao E. Rd., Sec. 4, Taipei City 10696, Taiwan
Acct. Name: Haw Ji Co., Ltd.
Acct. No: 0899717127351
Swift Code: TACBTWTP

Payment Details:
  • Exhibitors registering for their participation before January 31, 2011 will receive a 20 percent DISCOUNT and should pay off the total amount before February 18, 2011.
  • All payments are non-refundable due to any human or non-human circumstances.

Please right-click HERE to download the English version of the 2011 exhibitor application.

Terms and Conditions:
The company, its employees and agents, as described on page one, is herein after referred to as Exhibitor, and Haw Ji Co., Ltd. (and its officers, agents and employees) is herein after referred to as Organizer.

  • Exhibitor must have paid in full before being permitted to install its display. The actual occupancy of the space taken by Exhibitor is of the essence of this term. If Exhibitor does not occupy such space, Organizer is authorized to occupy such space or to cause such space to be occupied as Organizer deems in the best interest of the Exhibition without in any way releasing Exhibitor from any liability hereunder. Organizer reserves the right to relocate Exhibitor to space other than specified on page one. If Exhibitor's booth is not occupied by the time set for completion of installation of displays, such space may be possessed by Organizer for any purpose it may see fit.
  • Only the sign of Exhibitor may be placed on the booth or in the printed list of exhibitors of the Exhibition. No exhibitors or advertising will be allowed to extend beyond the space allotted to Exhibitor, or above the back and side rails of such space. Exhibitor agrees that its exhibit shall be admitted and shall remain from day to day solely by strict compliance with these rules.
  • Organizer shall not be responsible for loss or damage to displays or goods belonging to Exhibitor, whether resulting from fire, storms, acts of God, air conditioning or heating failure, theft, pilferage, mysterious disappearance, bomb threats or other causes. All such items brought to the Exhibition are displayed at Exhibitor's own risk, and should be safeguarded at all times. Exhibitors may furnish additional guards at their own cost and expense, only with prior approval by Organizer. Exhibitor is personally responsible for all insurances Exhibitor requires.
  • Exhibitor agrees that Organizer shall not be liable in the event of any errors or omissions in Exhibitor's Official Directory listings or in any promotional material. Organizer makes no representations or warranties with respect to the number of Exhibition attendees or the demographic nature of such attendees.
  • Exhibitor is liable for any damage caused to building floors, walls or columns, or to standard booth equipment, or to other exhibitors' property. Exhibitor may not apply paint, lacquer, adhesives, or other coating to building columns and floors or to standard booth equipment.
  • Exhibitor acknowledges that any exhibit on behalf of Exhibitor at the Exhibition must be licensed from the appropriate copyright owner or its agent. Exhibitor warrants to Organizer that it will take full responsibility for obtaining any necessary licenses to present such items and agrees to defend, indemnify and hold harmless Organizer from any damages or expenses incurred by Organizer due to Exhibitor's use or authorization of use.
  • All arriving goods and exhibits will be received at receiving areas designated by Organizer. All incoming goods and exhibits must be plainly marked and all charges prepaid. Exhibits must be placed in and removed from the building by the time specified in the Exhibitors' Manual.
  • Organizer will maintain the cleanliness of all aisles. Exhibitor must, at its own expense, keep exhibits clean and in good order. All exhibits must remain fully intact until the Exhibition has officially ended. Disturbing or tearing down an exhibit prior to the official closing hour of the Exhibition can result in a refusal by Organizer to accept or process exhibit space applications for subsequent exhibitions.
  • Organizer shall bear no responsibility for damage to Exhibitor's property, or lost shipments either coming in or going out, nor for moving costs. Damage to inadequately packed property is Exhibitor's own responsibility. If its exhibit fails to arrive, Exhibitor is nevertheless responsible for exhibit space cost. Exhibitor is advised to ensure against these risks.
  • Mechanical or electrical devices which produce sound must be operated so as not to disturb other exhibitors. Organizer reserves the right to determine the placement and acceptable sound level of all such devices. (Sound level over 70 decibel is forbidden during the exhibition.)
  • Smoking is not allowed on the venue floor, except for designated places.
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