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18th Anniversary of GTI Asia Taipei Expo—Unveiling the Powerful Creativity of the Asia-Pacific Region
18th Anniversary of GTI Asia Taipei Expo — Unveiling the Powerful Creativity of the Asia-Pacific Region
Jim Ke / Ian Hsu
Taking place on May 5~7, 2011 at B & C Zones, Hall 1 of Taipei World Trade Center (TWTC) in Taipei City, Taiwan, the 18th edition of GTI Asia Taipei Expo housed 100-plus exhibitors including game and amusement related developers, manufacturers, distributors and media with more than 650 booths. The three-day event attracted approximately 3,200 professional buyers from over 40 countries to witness the most innovative and creative products in the Asia-Pacific Region.
A grand gathering of 100-plus exhibitors
Jointly organized by GTI Magazine, Taiwan Digital Entertainment Association (TDEA) and Taiwan Amusement Machine Association (TAMA), GTI Asia Taipei Expo successfully entered its 18th edition from May 5~7 at B & C Zones, Hall 1 of Taipei World Trade Center (TWTC). In addition to Namco, Bandai, RS from Japan, Game Art, Karen Industry and YATTA Lunta Denshi Kaisha from Hong Kong, Hankook and VOGOS from Korea, Australia-based MEI and Zhongshan Golden Dragon Amusement, Hua Hau Science & Technology, Star Amusement Equipment from China as well as British media InterGame and the staff of EAG show, a long list of domestic and global exhibitors seized this three-day event to showcase their latest product lines and most innovative R&D achievements. Based on the official statistics, 3,261 visitors attended 2011 GTI Asia Taipei Expo in total as well as 891 overseas buyers that came from more than 40 different countries including Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Cambodia, Canada, Chile, China, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, France, German, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Israel, Italy, Iran ,Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Pakistan, Peru, Philippines, Russia, San Marino, Singapore, Switzerland, Slovenia, Thailand, Turkey, Venezuela, Vietnam, the UK, and the US.
Grand inauguration with dynamic participation
The inauguration of 2011 GTI Asia Taipei Expo was full of influential figures including government and industrial leaders.
In the afternoon of the first day, TDEA and TAMA co-held a forum named "New Concept, New Vision" at the 2nd floor conference room in Hall 1, Taipei World Trade Center.
The inauguration of GTI Asia Taipei Expo commenced at 10 a.m. on May 5th. A long cluster of influential characters from different professional fields attended this grand opening such as Chairman of China e-Game Industry Association (CGIA), Jin-Hua Liou, Chief Secretary of CGIA, Sheng Zhang, Chairman of Taiwan Arcade Industry Association, Wan-Te Yang, Chairman of Gift Claim Vender Association, Wen-Bin Wei, Dean of School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at National Chin-Yi University, Wen-Yuan Chen, Project Manager of Digital Content Industry Development and Assistance, Di-Fu Hu and so forth.

The opening ceremony was kicked off by the remarks of Chairman of TAMA, Chu-Wen O and Chairman TDEA, Kun-Mou Lu. The legislator, Yu-Fang Lin delivered his gratification to the guests from China sparing their precious time to participate in the GTI Expo. Head of Department of Commerce (DOC), the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA), Yun-Lung Yeh generally revealed Taiwan government's developmental plan and made a brief explanation regarding the influence of Taiwan Government Reengineering which may incorporate the DOC with the Industrial Development Bureau under the MOEA. Chairman of CGIA, Jin-Hua Liou introduced the status quo of the electronic game industry in China and welcomed and encouraged Taiwanese enterprises extending their business to China. At the end, all of the guests jointly cut the red ribbon and announced the official opening of GTI Asia Taipei Expo. Although the scale of the show slightly decreased this year, the exhibitors of the GTI Expo kept pouring a large amount of resources into this annual event such as hiring show girls and holding a series of exciting tournaments and made best use of this exhibition to demonstrate their strength and their latest product lines.

On the afternoon of the first day, in a bid to call for public and government attention to the development of the electronic game industry as well as synthesize pragmatic boosting measures for the industry from professionals, TDEA and TAMA held a forum named "New Concept, New Vision" from 13:30~16:00 at the 2nd floor conference room in Hall 1, TWTC. A large crowd of experts including government officials, professionals from the academic institutions as well as industrial leaders joined this opinion-sharing meeting. After the exhibition hours of the first day, GTI held a dinner party at Taipei City Hall Banquet Salle. There were approximately 75 tables for local and foreign exhibitors from China, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea and other countries around the world to enjoy the most genuine Taiwanese food. The feast also provided a perfect occasion for networking and exploring potential business opportunities.
Chairman of TAMA, Chu-Wen O
On behalf of the show organizers, first of all, I would like to thank all the participants of the show and promise that all of you are cordially welcomed to attend this grand annual event. This year, we have 100 exhibitors. And we should consider 100 as a spiritual sign of a fresh beginning since our nation Taiwan (R.O.C.) is experiencing its centennial year as well. The most significant goal of holding this show is that we want to demonstrate the strength and competitiveness of Taiwan's amusement game industry and promote the products of made in Taiwan (MIT) to the whole world. We hope all of the attendees can have a more thorough understanding on the current development of the amusement game industry in Taiwan via joining the show. The industry actually meets some difficulties and obstacles due to the restrictions of the law. However, entering its 18th birthday, GTI Asia Taipei Expo keeps showing vitality and creativity. Last but not least, I would like to appeal to our government that Taiwan's amusement game industry needs more space and opportunities to develop and grow again especially in its homeland. Please give the industry more chance to revive domestically and keep offering best-quality products to the whole world.
Chairman of TDEA, Kun-Mou Lu
Although the show this year continues to shrink a little bit, I am still touched by the continuous efforts that were made by the exhibitors and organizers for the GTI Expo these years. We must come up with some ways to deal with the weak and fatigued domestic market. Without establishing an organized and improved environment, we will keep facing unnecessary hurdles on the way to success. The policy makers in China have a drastic switch on their attitude toward the amusement game industry. Within four to five years, China has created an extremely astonishing performance in this field economically. In reaction to the rise of the market across the Taiwan Strait, a large amount of amusement machine developers in Taiwan have even moved their target market from Taiwan to China. This phenomenon impacts heavily on the local amusement game industry. As for the development of an industry, everything will go in vain with no support from the government. TDEA discussed with the authorities for a couple of times last year and the governmental officials promised that they are going to make reforms and implement new measures to lead the industry out of the turmoil. I wish you all receive numerous orders throughout these three days.
Legislator, Yu-Fang Lin
Despite the scale of GTI Expo has a tiny decrease, I confirm and encourage that the organizers continue to show respectable persistence in recruiting exhibitors to showcase their product lines at 650 booths on the show floor. Besides, we cannot ignore that Yun-Lung Yeh, Head of DOC in MOEA, gives a substantial amount of assistance in lifting the overall environment and fostering industrial development. His professional insistence and endeavor re-ignite many operators' anticipation toward the bureaucratic system such as MOEA. I am quite agreed with Mr. Lu's opinion that implementation of appropriate and pragmatic industrial policies is essential to the development of any industry. However, the domestic amusement game market now is constrained due to the strict restrictions. We should treat this situation seriously; otherwise, the game machine manufacturers will no longer have a medium-sized local platform to run, test and perfect their products. It is time for the government to conduct self-examination on its policies and make some timely adjustments. At last, I will never forget to show my appreciation to the Chairman of CGIA, Jin-Hua Liou who spares his leisure time and comes to Taiwan for attending this annual event. I believe both of us wish that Taiwan and China can keep a close cooperative relationship with each other. To a certain extent, Taiwan still possesses some technological strength in the amusement game industry. Judging from the present situation, fortifying the cooperation between Taiwan and China will become the most effective way to lift and upgrade the amusement game industry of both sides to a higher level.
Head of DOC in MOEA, Yun-Lung Yeh
have been taking office as Head of DOC in MOEA for two years. Through the continuous interactions with Mr. Lu and Mr. Ou, it is obvious that the chairmen of TDEA and TAMA jointly have a deep anticipation on me. Here, I want to clarify DOC's standpoint on the promotion and development of the amusement game industry in Taiwan. First of all, the Electronic Game Establishment Management Regulations is strongly disliked by the whole industry. Therefore, DOC obviously has lots of room to make improvements on the policy adjustments. However, the negative perception of the amusement game industry also needs to be reversed as well. Gaining public acceptance is an urgent and essential task for the industry to overcome. In order to reach this goal, amusement game related operators should not give up making efforts in holding edutainment activities to refresh their images.

Second, the Executive Yuan of Taiwan is going to conduct a structural reengineering in 2012. Basically, MOEA will merge the DOC and Industrial Development Bureau into a new sector. The Bureau of Foreign Trade will take over the administrative matters originally controlled by the DOC while the industrial development matters will be transferred to the new sector. Structural changes will bring positive effects on the development of the domestic market since different units keep varied resources. For instance, the Bureau of Foreign Trade keeps trade promotion funds and the Industrial Development Bureau seizes abundant R&D resources in the field of digital content. Regarding my new role next year, I am committed to assist the industry more. In a broader sense, including NTD 40 billion from the amusement game industry, the digital content industry has reaped NTD 500 billion and grew 14% last year. By the way, the Action Plan for the Development of Digital Content Industry has been approved by the Executive Yuan last year. We hope this project will bring the more positive energy to the amusement game industry. On a whole, well goes the saying that "Virtue is not left alone." Let us unite together and witness the success of the amusement game industry again in the future.
Chairman of CGIA, Jin-Hua Liou
It is my pleasure to attend this magnificent annual industrial exhibition in Taiwan. Thus, I cannot miss this chance to introduce the current development of the Chinese e-game industry to the operators and professionals on the show floor. According to the official statistics, 360,000 registered e-game businesses in China raked in RMB 1.235 trillion in 2010. Our amusement game industry consists of the industries of online game, mobile phone game, webgame, video game, console game and arcade machine and earned RMB 95.8 billion last year in total. As a matter of fact, the global amusement game industry roughly brought in USD 121.28 billion last year, which is equal to RMB 846 billion. In other words, 11.8% of the global amusement game revenue in 2010 was generated by the Chinese amusement game industry. Among the previously mentioned game categories, with the help of 29,000 local amusement centers, the Chinese arcade machine industry has the highest income that reached RMB 58 billion in 2010. Cross-Strait cooperation boosts and enhances the economic growth in many regions of China. Taking Guangdong province as an example, a great number of Taiwanese corporations that have advantages in advanced technologies have marched into this market and established many partnerships with local businesses. Therefore, we keep encouraging Taiwanese businesses and even other enterprises around the world to invest in China in the coming future.
Exciting game tournaments with vigorous players
From gaming to amusement games, IGS showcased a wide variety of eye-catching games and amusement machines.
As to the activities in GTI Expo, IGS held its annual tournament for its blockbuster game "We Dancing Online" from May 5~7 in the GTI Expo. This yearly event attracted a great number of players to compete for the badge of official ability approval and souvenirs including trendy hats, wristlets and T-shirts with limited numbers. Badges were only given to the players who passed game level 500 so that all of the participants performed their best without reserves to win the prizes and honor.

In addition, Saint-Fun International chose Konami's latest game "Reflec Beat" as the primary game of its tournament RB Grand Prize Championship and the total prize of this tournament was value at up to NTD 30,000. The contest had 45 preliminaries, which started from this February and 16 of 600 players got the qualification to enter the Spring Final Tournament on May 7th at Saint-Fun's booth in GTI Expo. The final top three players were Jia-Hong Wang, Dai-Che Lin, and Wei-Kai Chen. Aside from the prizes, they also won their opportunity to participate in the Year-End Final of RB Grand Prize Championship. Moreover, invited by Saint-Fan International, DJ Yoshitaka, a celebrated Japanese music producer in the field of anime and games showed up at Saint-Fun's booth. It was his first overseas activity for being a judge and having interactions such as taking pictures, shaking hands, and signing autographs with his fans. With the appearance of this influential guest and the competitors' enthusiasm, the whole activity was full of excitement and joy and successfully came to an end.

Furthermore, featuring prizes worth NTD 50,000, China Cup Street Basketball International Tournament entered its sixth edition since it was incepted in 2005 and its scale and number of participants keep growing year by year. Some of the TV stations in Taiwan even delivered live broadcasts of this event. After three hours of bloody and cutthroat competition, the final result of the regional champion came out. The top four male players were Bing-Jun Lin, Yu-Ting Zhou, Pei-Lun Wu, and Pei-Xin Hou accordingly and the top four female players went to Jin-Feng Huang, Wan-Pei Zhou, Mei-Shan Luo, and Kai-Xin Zhan. Among these sharp shooters, representing Taiwan, Bing-Jun Lin and Jin-Feng Huang will join the final of China Cup Street Basketball International Tournament in China and try to beat their competitors on their road to the championship.
Numerous refined products on display
Asia Amusement displayed multiple kiddie rides at their booths.

Taiwanese amusement game developers showcased their industrial design and game developing capabilities via demonstrating a grand array of self-developed and self-manufactured products in 2011 GTI Asia Taipei Expo. Below is a brief introduction of the exhibitors and products.

ABA UFO International:Being a first-time exhibitor, ABA UFO International actively displayed its cam locks, key switch locks, plunger (push-in) locks, lock cylinders, padlocks and many other types of locks.
Acrosser Technology:As a well-known industrial computer developer, Acrosser Technology showcased its gaming board ACE-B5692 and ACE-B7300, gaming platform ACE-S5290CM6A and ACE-MINI5495R, fanless embedded systems, embedded systems and all-in-one gaming platforms.
Advanced Game Technology (AGT):AGT presented a series of games featuring running lights like "Power of Speed," "3D Magic Hat," "Flaming Mountain," and a game with 55" LCD screen "Animal Circus."
Aexcel Technology:Aexcel showed its motherboards for game machines.
Amazing Amusement Machines Factory & Company:The firm promoted its baseball game machines and "Magic Square 3x3" was the most attractive one on display.
Archip Control:Archip exhibited its game machines including "Piopio Theater," "Resold Poker," "Win First," and "Royal Fruit" and game machine hardware such as "Pachinslot Rom Cards."
Asia Amusement Machines:The exhibitor presented a number of kiddie rides such as "Ultraman," "Bullet Train," "Cute-Animal," "Battery Police Car" and others.

Axiomtek:Axiomtek exhibited various types of products including its industrial computer-used motherboards like "MANO110," "SBC86850," "IMB205," and "eBOX620-800-FL," embedded computing platforms, single board computers, digital signage systems, touch panel computers, and other items.
Bingotimes Digital Technology:The company displayed its automatic robotic arm series such as "R200," simplified robotic arm series "S220," simplified dice thrown series "S200," drawing machines "B100," shuffle machine, and dual screen station.
Borden Technology: Borden showcased its slot machine games such as "HUGA," "Beanstalk," "Mamma Mia," "Jungle Island," "Ancient Egypt," "Royal Club," and a horse racing game "Royal Champion."
Chan Ming:At Chan Ming's booth, there was a complete range of parts and components for game machines including wiring accessories, IC boards, AC switches, micro switches, push buttons, counters and many others on display.
Chang Yu Electronic:The firm demonstrated "3D Golden Sharks," poker games and many slot games.
Cheer Jingle Electric Machinery:Cheer Jingle presented cabinets, accessories and Mario slot games such as "Octopus," "Tarzan," and "Rising Star."
Coinsolve Technology:The firm displayed multi-coin coin selector, controlling boards, and IC card readers.
Da Sheng Technology Enterprise:DST promoted its latest products like "Fifty Tiger" and "97 Golden Apples" as well as many game machine related peripherals.
East Wind Technologies:The company presented RF-ID cards & tags, card printers, card readers, card issuing nodules, IC cards, gaming software encryption utility, and security IC for gaming machine protection.

To meet the demands for different markets, Taiwanese cabinet developers and manufacturers including New Sun Yu, Weche and Entropy continuously spend efforts on offering new innovations.
"Cotton Candy Party" and "Fanny Cutter" were the main forces being displayed at Feiloli's booth.
The great diversity of products is one of the characteristics of GTI Expo. Pictured were the booths of Yung-Chi, Power Creation (Shain You) and Feng Yi Fu.
Feng Yung Cheng and Asia Amusement displayed multiple kiddie rides at their booths.
Gauss Enterprise
GTI Expo is a grand annul assembly for the amusement operators, developers and manufacturers in the Asia-Pacific Region. Pictured were the presentations of Hankook Leisure.
Taiwan's spares and parts are famous across the globe. Pictured were the booths of Huai I in GTI Expo.
Injoy exhibited "Street Racing," "Dido Kart," and shooting games "Top Gunner" and "Project X-Pher."
Including IAM, Da Sheng and Joymax, Taiwanese gaming and amusement related businesses attended GTI Expo and seized this yearly event to promote and boost their trade volumes for export.
Jyuee Ang

Entropy Precision Systems:The firm is well known for making cabinets and coin-operated equipments. Its latest ticket dispensers drew many professional buyers' attention on the show floor.
Feiloli Electronic:Feiloli showcased its cotton candy machine "Cotton Candy Party," vending machines "Push Me Out" and "Fancy Cutter," crane machines "Fright Night" and "Amazing Adventure," kiddie rides and other amusement machines.
Feng Chen Technology:Feng Cheng Technology demonstrated a complete array of game machine parts including bank note validators, note dispenser device, coin dispenser device, coin validator, coin acceptor, card dispenser device.
Feng Yi Fu Technology:The firm presented Mario slots, main boards, accessories, pinball machines like "Football Carnival," and roulette game such as "Amusement Dream Roulette."
Feng Yung Cheng:Feng Yung Cheng (FYC) showcased its latest kiddie rides with cute designs including "Ladybird Paradise," "Amazing Sport Car," "Funny Car," "Super Helicopter," "New F-16 Fighter Plane," and "Fantasy Coffee Cup."
Game Art:Hong Kong-based Game Art displayed indoor amusement machines including edutainment machines and motion simulation machines including "Showdown," "Family Fun Game," "Space Ducks," and "Da Vinci Tower."
Game Power System:The company exhibited "Animal Wonder 3D Dinosaur Egg," "Crown Golden Bell 3D," "Sea World," "Clown," VGA/SXGA converter and server system.
GameBox Animation Technology:China-based GameBox Animation attracted a great amount of buyers through displaying its games including "Magic," "Mini Hamster," "Star War," "Dragon and Phoenix," "Mini Hamster," "Red Cat and Blue Rabbit," "Sports Meet Dog," and "Hamster."
Gauss Enterprise:Gauss displayed level-up versions of 31K high resolution touch games, multi-games, industrial PC-level motherboards for arcade games, and arcade game interface-based games like "Fruit Master," "Heroes," "Casino Tycoon," and "MoneyKing."
Global Game:Global Game actively promoted its video games including "Vegas City," "Amazon Start," "Zucca," "Golden Compass," and "Sea Monster."
Han Sen Electronics:The company exhibited various parts and equipment including pushbuttons, coin acceptors and dispensers, coin chutes, crane machines, Mario slots, pinball machines and slot machines.
Hankook Leisure:South Korea-based Hankook displayed kiddie rides such as "Happy Mouse Tower" and "Convoy."
Homer Technology:Homer presented its latest products including "Happy Ox," "Robot Baccarat," "Dragon VS. Tiger," and "Big VS. Small."
Hong Kong Karen Industry:Karen Industry from Hong Kong showcased a series of cash management machines including "Deluxe Multifunctional Self-Service Machine," all-in-one ticket deposit machine, IC card coin withdrawal machine, self-service ticket counting machine, and self-service token/ticket deposit machine.
Huai I Electronics:As a professional cabinet manufacturer, Huai I Electronics not only displayed its best-quality cabinets including LCD thin type super slot cabinet and desktop cabinet but also game-related equipment such as 8"~55" LCD monitors, UFO toppers, and power supplies.
Hua Hai Science & TechnologyThe firm presented its big screen game "Puppy Paradise."
Hwei Chung Electric:Various types of roulette games such as "Diamond Roulette 8-Players," "C-12 Roulette 6-Players," "New Roulette 12-Players," and "Baccarat 8-Players" could be seen at Hwei Chung Electric's booth.
Hypaa:A great amount of overseas buyers were interested in the latest version of Hypaa's music arcade "Mozrc."
I Cing:I Cing showcased many edutainment games including "Frog Frenzy," "Narrow & Push," and "Mogu Jackpot."
Injoy Motion:Being one of the leading simulation machine developers, Injoy Motion displayed several interactive motion simulators such as "Top Gunner," "Street Racing Stars Mdx-2," "Project X-Pher," "Dido Kart Mdx-4," and "Panzer DX."
InnoJoy Technology:The company presented two slot games "Owl's Prophecy" and "Space Sheep."
International Amusement Machine (IAM):The firm showed several slot games "Monkey Club," "iRace," "Miracle Fruit," "Jungle Adventure," "Reel Fantasia," "Brics," and "Heroes."
International Currency Technologies (ICT):The company presented its products with new functions including bill acceptor, coin acceptor, ID verifier, thermal printer, card dispenser, note dispenser, hopper, counterfeit detector, and docking station.
International Games Systems:IGS exhibited a wide variety of products such as non-gambling machines, simulators and edutainment machines including "Fantasy Horse," "Speed Rider 2," "Dynamic Trucks" and "Global Touch 2011." In addition, the firm presented some app games such as "Great Solitaire" which drew many media's attention.
Jin Sheng Electronics:Jin Sheng displayed the latest version of its air-hockey "Speed Ball" on the show floor.
Joymax Technology:Joymax showcased many coin pushers like "King of Coins," "Maya Treasure," "Wow Treasures," "Neptune," and "Wealthy Cowboy."
JT-Comatz Trading:The firm demonstrated several new games for Pachislots including "Hard Boiled," "VR Fighter," "Lupin III," "Destiny of an Emperor," "Daitogiken Koushiki," "Onimusha Z," "Play Boy," "Sengoku Musou: Moushouden," and many others.
Jyuee Ang:The company displayed various components and accessories including OLED button, pushbutton, C.C.F.L., tower light, LED board, LED batten, coin selector, coin entry, power supply, Ashtray, lock & key, switch, joystick, LED light, wire set and many others.
Kai Yao Trading:The firm presented some linking roulette games including "Magic Witch," "Star Poker," and "Fishing Expert."
Kingtronic:The firm's booths were crowded with people experiencing the pleasure of its FEC redemptions including "Push a Prize," "Lift Mania," "Key Master," "All about Timing," "All Abroad," "Platinum Heights," "Cuckoo," "Tippin Bloks," "Puck Drop," and "Fish Hunter."
Kwang Yi:Specializing in developing and manufacturing pinball machines, video roulettes, slot machines and Mario slots, Kwang Yi showcased its latest machines such as "Lucky Slot," "Real Magic," "Partido De Futbol," "5.6.7 Bola," "Spin Prize," and "Led Prize."
Laxan Corporation:Laxan showed its "Bingo Twister," "DLV Diamond series" and "Mini 38."
Lechihwa Electron:Lechihwa displayed coin pushers including "Cash Tree," "Gold 999," "777," and "Dragon and Phoenix" and many baccarat machines.
Li Yuan:Li Yuan made its first debut in the GTI Expo and demonstrated its "Cutting Fun Crane Machines."
Litoon Automation Technology:Litoon Automation Technology
Lon Sheng:The firm presented various edutainment and amusement games including "Monster General" a slot game, "6-Player Mini Race Track" horse racing game, and "Bumble Bee" darting game. Moreover, latest versions of "Fishing Expert," "King of Coins," and "Pizzeria" were also on display.
Lu-Hao Technology:The firm exhibited poker games and gift machines with pushing game play.
Mega Biotech & Electronics:Aside from the eye-catching show girls, Mega Biotech & Electronics showcased amusement games like "Fruit Genies," "Chinese Chess," "Magic Giant Square," "Happy Balloon" and "Bravio32duel Combat Cabinet." Among the firm's exhibition, "Beethoven" was one of the works made in Taiwan and "Project Diva Arcade" was a fresh product on sale in the Japanese market.
MEI:MEI displayed its cash management equipment including money channels, coin validators, and bill validators.
Micro Sova:At Micro Sova's booth, there were a large amount of 3D games with linking game play such as "Lucky Baccarat," "Luck Roulette," "Lucky Sic Bo," "Olympic," "Extreme Fighters (6PK)," "Lucky Pirate," "Dinosaur King, Animal Kingdom," "French Boule," "Ape Man," and "Lucky Clown Circus.
Min-Yan Technology:The firm exhibited pinball machines, Mario slots, video slots, and related accessories. Its well known machines such as "Tarzan Slot," "Soccer 3 Slot Game," "Tiny Roulette," and "Super Boboman Soccer 2010" were on display.
MJK Industrial:MJK showcased a wide variety of lock systems including cam locks, switch lock, padlocks, and locks with special functions.

GTI Expo is one of the most efficient export platforms for amusement-related corporations in the Asia-Pacific Region. Sega and Bandai from Japan exhibited their latest product lines at their booths.
Power Creation (Shain You)
No matter in machines' appearance design or game play, Taiwan Yuanmei always offers ground-breaking pinball machines.
Z Link Technology

Namco Bandai(NBGI):To every participant's surprise, Japanese brand name Namco Bandai debuted its blockbuster game "Tag Tournament 2" in the GTI Expo. In addition, the firm also presented its hot-hit games including a motion simulation game, "Dead Storm Pirates," gift machine "Bar Bercat," crane machine "Fantasia Plus 2," racing game "Nirin," and shooting games "Razing Storm SD," "Tank! Tank! Tank!," and "Dead Head."
New Sun Yu:New Sun Yu exhibited various series of high-end cabinets including "MCFM-27," "MCFM-29," "Double Screen Metal Cabinet," "Slant Top Metal Cabinet," "Slim Type Cabinet," "15" Countertop Metal Cabinet," "20" Cocktail Multi-Game Cabinet," and "29" Multi-Game Cabinet."
Pan Asia Amusement:The firm displayed a wide range of game machines such as "Speed Driver III," "Speed Driver Simplified Version," "Fish Hunter 6P," " Dolphin Island 6P," "Pinball Paradise," "Magic Fireworks," "Monkey Club," "Tippin Bloks," "Window Shopping," "Twist," "Crazy Climber," and "Extreme Skater."
Paokai Electronic Enterprise:Paokai rejoined the GTI Expo again and displayed crane machines, gift machines, and slot machines including "Heat of the Ocean," "Happy Forest," and "Egyptian Secret."
Power Creation Tech. (Shain Yu) :Card-based games such as "Game 2 Learn ABC Machine," "IQ momo," and "Brainstorming School" were the core products at Power Creation's booth. Moreover, the firm also presented "Super Goal Keeper," "Shooting Master," "Ironman Striker" and various machine cabinets.
RS:Japan-based RS mainly showcased its dart machines such as "Radikal." The firm also presented game machine cabinets, grip tools, and other game related accessories.
Saint-Fun International:The booths of Saint-Fun International occupied the largest space on the show floor among all exhibitors. The corporation displayed many new amusement machines such as "Bingo Genies," "Lucky Spin," "Incredi Bowl," "Hit Hit Alaska Mini," "Reflec Beat," "Touring Race," "Miracle Book," and many others. Saint-Fun also showcased coin dispensers and other game related equipment.
San Ming Electronic:At San Ming's booth, there were a full range of game related components and LCD screen accessories such as AD board kit, key-press board, LVDS connector, inverter wires and many others.
SEGA Taiwan Sega presented "Golden Gun" a shooting game, amusement games "Let's Go Island," "All Star Racing," and "Super Monkey Ball," a medal game "Kazzan," and a poker game "Lady Lucky."
Seven Fairy Industrial:The firm displayed a complete range of products including push prize machines, lifting prize machines, unlock prize machines, and cut prize machines.
Shang Yang Industrial:Shang Yang Industrial attracted many professional buyers to its booth by presenting coin hoppers, AC motors, gear motors, and AC motor controllers.
Sheng Bau Amusement Machine:Sheng Bau's main force on the show floor was its latest pinball machine "Strategy Empire." Apart from that, the firm's "Football Marble," "Soccer Star II," and "Football Marble Gift Machine" were also on display.
Sheng Yang Electronics:Sheng Yang exhibited "Cool Cowboy," "Migration," "Forest Guards," and "Happy Diggers." Many other products including pinball machines, video slots and running light games were also displayed at the firm's booth.
Sierra Electronic:As a well-known gift machine provider, Sierra Electronic displayed series of gift machines and "Robot Lano" was the most attractive one.
Skyinn Print:The company showcased its digital screen plate products and laser stickers at the booth and promoted its services including laser light, 3D laminating tape development, 3D digital ink printing, water transfer printing, laser cutting, screen printing, acrylic production and others.
Star Amusement Equipment:China-based Star Amusement Equipment made its debut in the GTI Expo and displayed "Magic Bowling," "Frog N Ball," "Around Mars," "Gold Dream," "Racing Prize," and "Fun Hoops."
Subsino:Subsino offered various types of machines including game machine with linking systems such as "Pirate Queen," "Night Club," and "Lucky Confluence," a amusement arcade machine "Kung Fu Ball," a touch screen game "Happy Finger," kiddie rides and some games for online gaming.
Supreme Exim:The company exhibited various peripherals including gambling parts, switches, pushbuttons, harnesses, LED strips, and LED bulbs.。
Taiwan Yuanmei:Taiwan Yuanmei attracted visitors by showing "Hunter Pinball" with different versions including "Pinball Hunter Luxury 4 players," "Pinball Hunter Economical Color Edition," and "Pinball Hunter Luxury Mold" catering for different groups of customers.
Tommy Bear:Tommy Bear displayed its slot machine cabinet "Cobra," crane machines, capsule vending machines, toppers and other accessories.
Vogos:Vogos from South Korea presented "Crossbow Master," "Boulder's and Dozer's" and "Magic Point" a gift machine.
Wee Chin Electric (Weche):The company showcased a wide variety of cabinets, toppers, gaming machines, kiosks, award-winning lights and many game-related equipment.
Will Join Enterprise:The firm exhibited coin selectors, pushbutton, joysticks, timing controllers, locks, digit counters and related accessories.
Wisely Precision Tech:Wisely Precision displayed game tokens and game token verification system.
YATTA Lunta Denshi Kaisha:The firm displayed TV game parts and equipment including pedestals, micro switches, first-hand and second-hand simulation machines, and LCD TVs made by well-known brands.
YCCT Opto-Electronic Tech:YCCT showed prominent TFT-LED monitor, power supply, (CCFL) & inverter, LED flexible flat strip (RGB) light, U.P.S. A.V.R. EMI fitter, AC/DC fan, AC/DC solid state relay, PCS SSR, counter with LCD, speaker & amplifier, and accessories.
Yeong Son Technology:The company presented high-quality metal cabinet, linking machines, and bonus boards.
Youal-Jifth Enterprise:Youal-Jifth showcased pinball machines including "Amazon Jungle, Spinning Star II," "Soccer 7 Ball," "Indian Warrior," and "Partido Detbol," crane machines such as "Super Mini" "Jumbo," "Giant," "Peluche Box," and "Magic Box," gift machines like "Hop up Bingo," "Rotary Star," "Gift Capture," and "Pearl in the East," and other amusement machines such as "Happy Farm."
Young Haur Industry:Young Haur displayed dual-screen and single screen cabinets.
Yuan Gong Enterprise:The company showcased different series of its air-hockey tables.
Yung-Chi Electronics:The firm exhibited "Journey to the West," "Dinosaur Wars," "Sanwa Rocker Button," "Ace Bragging," and "Game auditing system."
Z Link Technology:Z Link presented various types of accessories for game machines and several linking games including "Plumber," "Amazon Star," "Red Lioness II," and "Knight Story II."
Zeroplus Technology:The company showcased its shooting games with arcade light gun system such as "Go! Go! Ghost" and "Cube Shooter."
Zhongshan Golden Dragon Amusement Equipment:China-based Zhongshan Golden Dragon demonstrated an anime themed game "Pleasant Goat Sports Game," shooting games such as "Blood Taier Zhuang," "Sharp Shooter 2009," and "Ten-Point Firearm," and edutainment games "Shopping Baby," and "Snork."

Asia-Pacific strikes its own path
Many professional drivers/racers practice and train themselves through racing simulators and some of these practice-used simulation games appeared in GTI Expo for the first time.
In reaction to the rise of the market in China, most machine developers and manufacturers around the world make some adjustments to their developing strategies for this gigantic consuming power.
GTI Asia Taipei Expo is being considered as an international exhibition that offers the most diversified product lines in Asia Pacific Region nowadays. The transformation of the show is highly connected with the development of Taiwan's amusement game industry, which is now targeting more on its export. Among the countries around the world, Taiwan's amusement game industry is advantageous in having a well-structured industrial chain including program design and manufacturing accessories like IC boards, cabinets and other items in guaranteed quality. Moreover, with years of experience in providing OEM and ODM services for global enterprises, the amusement game industry in Taiwan now has established its own operational procedure and system, which covers developing games, marketing, and resource management.

n 2010, the US and European markets recovered slightly but the unemployment rates in both regions were still high. Middle-class people's consumption power decreased drastically due to the overall economic condition. Including last year's AM Show in Japan, G2E in Macau, G2E and IAAPA in the US, and even ICE, which was just held this January in the UK, the number of exhibitors in most game-related exhibitions around the world apparently shrank. The stagnant economy also slowed down the new arrival of creative works from the developed world. By contrast, in the GTI Expo this year, Taiwanese game developers kept releasing creative products no matter in the field of hardware, program design or game design. For instance, Taiwan Yuanmei's latest pinball machine "Hunter Pinball" applies a large-size LCD panel that elevates the pinball machine's hardware standard. Feng Yi Fu also brings new idea to its pinball machine "Football Carnival" via combining typical game play and running lights. Hypaa exhibits the whole new version of "Mozarc," which had caught a great amount of visitors' attention last year.

The exhibits like "Fishing Expert" and "Burger Expert" on the show floor this year revealed that China's huge market potential had pushed Taiwanese game developers to adjust their business strategies and launch more products catering for the Chinese consumers. Some games added simplified Chinese characters to their language options and some games used celebrated sceneries in China as their background images. Long before the government of Taiwan signing ECFA with China, Taiwanese enterprises had already reached a consensus that entering the Chinese market is an inevitable and unstoppable trend. Moreover, many industrial leaders pointed out the rise of the Chinese market not only made up their losses in the decreased domestic market but also provided a bigger product demands. Ke-Zhu Li, the president of IGS shared his opinion that, "45% of our revenue is generated by the Chinese market." General Director of JT-Comatz Trading, Jing-Shan Zhou, also expressed that, "We will focus more on the Chinese market from 2011. It is time to move forward so we launched several new products at the GTI Expo this year."

Nowadays, even though the amusement game market in Asia has a stronger demand in game machines and related equipment than in the Europe and US market, it is recommended that Taiwanese businesses still have to operate their businesses in a steady and pragmatic way by laying the groundwork firmly in Taiwan and then making gradual and meticulous deployments globally. General Manager of Injoy Motion Jiang-Xun Jian said, "During this period of time, it would be a perfect moment to make adjustments step by step. The western market is going to revive so that we need to find out a suitable deployment around the globe and make sure that we will be ready for embracing the next heyday of the European and American market." Faced with the future, GTI Asia Taipei Expo will continue to shoulder the responsibilities of assisting the upgrade of the amusement game industry, facilitating communications between industrial and academic sectors and creating more and more domestic and overseas business opportunities. The 19th GTI Asia Taipei Expo now is temporarily scheduled on May 10~12, 2012. Please check the exhibition information updates via following issues of GTI Magazines or go to www.gtiexpo.com.tw.
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