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GTI Asia Taipei Exhibits Move-out Notice On April 27th(2019/04/08) 2019-04-08

GTI Asia Taipei Expo 2019 will hold on April 25~27 and end up at 16:00 on the third day of exhibition (April 27).  Since it is on Saturday, and it's also the rush hours of Taipei City with heavy traffic, there will be a traffic control which prohibiting trucks from Xin-Yi District from 16:00~19:00, Taipei, Taiwan. 

Starts from 14:30 (April 25th), there will have temporary parking for the move-out cars at Zone C, Hall 1. Exhibitors’ cars can be entry from the Zone C, Cargo Entrance on Shifu Road (市府路). Securities will assist in dispatching; and based on the traffic on Zone A, Cargo Entrance, the first batch Move-out Exhibitor will have the priority to move-out.

Exhibitor Move-out(All exhibits must be out of the building on Saturday, April 27)

First batch: 17:00~18:30, April 27 (Please read through the detail No. 1 below.)
Second batch: 19:00, April 27 (All Exhibitors must be out before 20:00, includes all exhibited products and decor.) Please notify your contractor if any.


  1. The first batch move-out exhibitors should show the Truck Pass Permission to enter the entrances of Zone A, Cargo Entrance on Zhuangjing Road(莊敬路).  Please follow the instructions of the securities and the GTI staffs to enter the booths at Zone A after 17:00.
  2. Since the space of Zone A, Cargo Entrance on Zhuangjing Road (莊敬路) is smaller, thus there will have a access control for the first batch move-out cars/Trucks.
  3. Please keep your pass permits safely. Lost permits cannot be re-issued.
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