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Delivering the most comprehensive integrated amusement experience for you! 2019-03-20

GTI Asia Taipei Expo will soon take place. Making its debut in 1993 and having spanned one quarter of a century, this long-standing international trade show will be celebrating its 26th anniversary this year. What refreshing and astounding innovations will the event present to global professionals and which new technological applications will make their first appearance at the show? Amid the sluggish global online and offline gaming entertainment environment, online mobile games have bucked the trend to grow by leaps and bounds. Do you want to know which outstanding mobile gaming providers will participate in the show and what remarkable pieces are worth investing in and buying? On April 25-27, we cordially invite you to visit GTI Asia Taipei Expo in Area A, Hall 1 of the Taipei World Trade Center.
This year’s GTI Asia Taipei Expo gathers close to 50 exhibitors from across the globe such as IGS, Feiloli, Paokai, Saint-Fun, Pan Asia, Feng Yung Cheng, A-Lin, Bingotimes, Asia Amusement, Borden, Boller Technology, Chan Ming Electronic, Cheer Jingle Electric Machinery, Feng Yi Fu, Feng Chen Technology, G-Sheen Enterprise, Huai I, I Cing International, ICT, Jyuee Ang, JCM Global, Jin Sheng Electronic, Kwang Yi Technology Development, Loei International, Lon Sheng Enterprise, Luhao Technology, Min Yan Technology, Sensor Enterprise, Sheng Yang Enterprise, Skyinn Technology, Taiwan Dapeng Network, Taiwan YuanMei, WECHE, Youal-Jifh Enterprise, YCCT Opto-Electronic Tech., Yuan Gong, Shenzhen Hui Yi Valley Network, Guangdong Cowboy, Splendid Future,Mark for Games, GTI Magazine, China Amuse, PAExpo Organizer, and Italy JAMMA Magazine. Covering diverse fields such as electronic game machines, VR equipment, FEC facilities, gambling games, mobile games, and parts and accessories, the exhibits will provide global buyers with a splendid and rich integrated entertainment experience! For more information on the products, please visit www.gtimagazine.com.tw (2019/03/20)

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