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GTI Taipei 2018
GTI Asia Taipei Expo to celebrate its 25th anniversary (2017/12/19) 2017-12-19

GTI Asia Taipei Expo will usher in its 25th anniversary in 2018.  Since the show made its debut in 1994, manufacturers and suppliers from various countries and regions including Taiwan, China, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Macau, Malaysia, the U.S., the Philippines and India have utilized this exhibition platform to promote their products to the Asia Pacific region and emerging markets across the world.  For these 25 years, GTI Asia Taipei Expo has played a key role in successfully promoting Taiwanese companies, their products and brands in the global arena.  Taking place at the Taipei World Trade Center each spring, GTI Asia Taipei Expo showcases diverse products developed by Taiwanese companies and demonstrates the creativity and capabilities of Taiwanese companies.  In addition, overseas and domestic buyers can take advantage of this platform to make face-to-face exchanges with manufacturers from various regions, and manufacturers can better understand the needs of markets and buyers so as to create better products.


GIT Asia Taipei Expo will enter its 25th year in 2018 and cordially welcomes industry members worldwide to attend this grand event of the Asia Pacific region.

Since the first wave of exhibitor registration for GTI Asia Taipei Expo 2018 kicked off in December 2017, a good number of companies have signed up for exhibit space.  IGS has booked 50 booths (450 square meters), Pao Kai and Feiloli each have 35 booths (315 square meters), Saint-Fun and Boller each have 20 booths (180 square meters), and Wee Chin Electric (Weche) and Youal-Jifh each have 16 booths (144 square meters).  International Currency Technologies (ICT), MJK Industrial, ADLINK, and AVC Industrial have also signed up for the show.  Other well-known developers and parts makers with solid capabilities and potential that have applied for exhibit space include BingoTimes, Pan Asia, Lon Sheng, Asia Amusement, Injoy Motion, Zeroplus, Feng Yung Cheng, Icing, Sheng Yang, Kwang Yi, Dar Dun, Feng Yi Fu, Feng Chen, Cheer Jingle, Chan Ming, A-Lin Electronic, Borden, Huai I, G-Sheen, Ying Tchin, Min-Yan, Jyuee Ang, Jin Sheng, and Ushow, YCCT Opto-Electronic.  They will jointly usher in GTI Asia Taipei Expo 2018, which is slated to take place on May 10-12 at Area A of Hall 1, the Taipei World Trade Center.  For more information, please visit www.gtimagazine.com.tw or e-mail us at gametime@taiwanslot.com.tw.


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