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GTI Asia Taipei Expo 2017 Exhibitor Coordination Meeting is set to be held on Jan 17 (2017/01/12) 2017-01-12

GTI Asia Taipei Expo welcomes every visitors.  Welcome to Taiwan for the wonderful show, the nice food and the great attractions, you can never miss it.   The 24th GTI Asia Taipei Expo will have a grand opening in Taipei World Trade Center (TWCT) on  May 11-13, for assigning exhibitors’ exhibiting space, the GTI Asia Taipei Expo 2017 Exhibitor Coordination and Booth Allocation Meeting will be held at 2F, VIP Guest Room of the Sunworld Dynasty Hotel in Taipei at 2:30 pm on January 17.  Exhibitors who received the meeting notice, please fill in the attendees’ form and send back to us.  If absent, please write a statement to ensure your rights and interests.  The coordination and booth allocation meeting will adopt a lot-drawing process to decide manufacturers’ exhibit space and announce required notices for the show including non-testing applications for machines, applying for truck load passes and water and electricity and etc in the meeting.  



After deciding the exhibit space and the booth number, GTI, the organizer will go on the most comprehensive propaganda work.  The expo and exhibitors’ information will be widely seen in magazines, e-Papers, e-letters, international expos and among others.  More international buyers will be attracted, the exhibiting results will be more rewarding, and the trade fair platform bridged by GTI Asia Taipei Expo will be more enhanced.




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