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2012's Booth Allocation Meeting was smoothly held (2012/03/16) 2012-03-16

GTI Asia Taipei Expo will soon take place on May 10~12 at TWTC.  The Exhibitor Coordination and Booth Allocation Meeting for GTI Asia Taipei Expo 2012 was held on March 16 at Taipei Fullerton Hotel East in Taipei, Taiwan.  About 20 exhibitors attended the meeting in person.  Thomas Liu, President of Game Time International (GTI), addressed a welcome speech to the attendees first and then talked about GTI’s year-long promotions and preparations.  He emphasized that “Influenced by the struggling economic performances in Europe and the US, the number of exhibitors see a slight decrease in 2012.  However, entering its 19th year, GTI EXPO in Taipei is still the best approach to boost export trades for Taiwanese amusement and gaming enterprises.  After the brief and encouraging speech, Angie Huang, Managing Director of GTI, explained the details of the significant notices for the show.  The booth allocation for the second-wave exhibitors took place after her explanation.  According to the present statistics, there are 60 exhibitors with 500 booths.  For the most up-to-date news of GTI EXPO in May, please stay tuned with the information on the show’s official website www.gtiexpo.com.tw/taipeien.

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