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The Future has Come; No Time to Loose in Progressing 2022-01-06

The Future has Come; No Time to Loose in Progressing

Glorious Opening of the 13rd GTI Asia China Expo!

Jasmin Zhuang/Sophia Liang

The 13rd GTI Asia China Expo (GTI GZ Expo) was grandly held on November 3 at Hall 1.1-5.1, Area A, China Import and Export Fair Pazhou Complex, Guangzhou along with the debut of the Future Concept of Cultural Tourism Area! Born in 2009, GTI GZ Expo, jointly organized by GZCESC and Haw Ji Co., Ltd. (GTI), is a professional and diversified one-stop trade platform in the game & amusement industry. It has been committed to serving industry operators and fellows, pushing the development of the amusement industry, promoting the intelligent manufacturing of Chinese amusement, and the establishment and development of Chinese amusement characteristic brands.

Breaking through brambles and thorns, the curtain is rising

At 10 am on November 3, the opening ceremony of GTI GZ Expo was officially held at the entrance of Hall 4.1, Pearl Promenade, Area A, China Import and Export Fair Pazhou Complex, Guangzhou. More than 100 distinguished guests and representatives from different enterprises attended the ceremony, including Liu Jinhua, president of China Culture & Entertainment Industry Associations (CCEA), Zhu Xingliang, first-class researcher of Guangzhou Cooperation Office, Chen Shaohua, deputy director of Taiwan Affairs Office of The People’s Government of Guangzhou Municipality, Xie Huangyi, deputy director of MICEGZ, Lu Xiaokun, president of Guangdong Entertainment & Game Industry Association, Zhang Zhenghua, president of Shaanxi Performance Entertainment Industry Association, Liu Shaode, president of Chengdu Culture & Entertainment Industry Association, Guo Zhixiong, president of Guangzhou Panyu Animation & Game Association (GAGA), Ye Weitang, president of Zhongshan Gaming & Amusement Association, Zou Yirong, secretary general of Guangzhou Association of Tourist Attractions (GATA), Xiao Jiang, deputy Secretary-General of GD Tourism Attractions Association, Mr. Benjamin King, British Chamber of Commerce Guangdong, and Mr. Ibrahim, Negm Arab Businessmen Forum (China), to name a few.

Liu Jinhua, President of China Culture & Entertainment Industry Association (CCEA), delivered a speech:

“GTI GZ Expo opens grandly and we meet again in the beautiful Guangzhou for this annual event. Over more than 10 years of development, the Expo has become the largest and most valuable trade show in the game & amusement industry to offer an authoritative platform for the development and exchange of the Chinese amusement industry. Covering an area of 50,000 sq.m, the show features professional zones of amusement equipment, waterpark equipment, IP operating brands, intelligent vending, and digital display technology, to name a few. And nearly 400 enterprises have showcased their various products.

Due to the regular epidemic prevention and control measures, there are some strict restrictions for foreign buyers to enter China this year. Thus, the GTI Committee has extended the show online and attached great effort to push domestic and foreign markets to boost each other, to bring a breakthrough direction for the amusement industry in all channels. Now, at the beginning of the 14th Five-Year Plan period and under the influence of factors such as market, policy, as well as investment, culture, innovation, and technology, there is a new power for high-quality development of amusement products. China's game and entertainment industry is in the era of integrated development. Though sporadic outbreaks of the pandemic in 2021 certainly affected the development of the industry, it still made great achievements that let all of us witness the power of its development. The healthy development of the amusement industry is the common responsibility for all the industrial peers. But never forget why we started and why working together can we create a prosperous future for the industry.”

Zhu Xingliang, first-class researcher of Guangzhou Cooperation Office, gave a speech:

“The curtain has risen for GTI GZ Expo. With more than 10 years’ development, it has been an international annual event and one of the top game & amusement exhibitions in Asia. And as a large-scale industry exchange event, GTI GZ Expo merges the concepts of science, education, cross-sector exchange, and innovation to present cultural tourism in various forms and more intelligent ways, which has brought a far-reaching impact on the industry’s revival and the future development of sunrise industries. Guangzhou is an important cluster of Chinese amusement industries. In recent years, it has attracted a number of well-known enterprises like Wahlap, Sealy, and others to settle here. The future development of cultural tourism really features a great power and broad market.”

Guo Zhixiong, president of Guangzhou Panyu Animation & Game Association (GAGA), made a speech:

“New direction, new future! GTI GZ Expo is an annual gathering of the amusement industry and also the first-class event for Chinese amusement towards the world and shows intelligent manufacturing in Guangzhou. Over 13 years, it has been committed to promoting the industry imagination and transformation, putting forward high-quality development ideas, and building a high-level platform for industry development and exchange. This year’s Expo coordinates and dispatches lots of advantageous resources in buyer invitation and media promoting, laying out the market with a global view. It offers a comprehensive, multi-level, high-efficiency pre-show, mid-show, and post-show stop for exhibitors. Moreover, the Expo also actively explores the OMO business mode (Online-Merge-Offline) and launched GTI online exhibition to maximize the promotion of exhibitors. It creates a convenient as well as excellent platform for buyers. The development of the industry requires our joint efforts.

Looking forward to the future, there is a long way to go. In the future, we have to enhance our brand awareness; continue to strengthen industry standards and intellectual property protection. I sincerely hope the Expo will be more professional, diversified, and international in the future, letting the world witness the intelligent manufacturing in China.”

Ye Weitang, president of Zhongshan Gaming & Amusement Association, addressed:

“Through more than 10 years of tempering and enterprising, GTI GZ Expo has gradually developed into an annual industry event for the game, amusement and entertainment industry to join hands with Chinese and foreign professional buyers. It is also an important platform for industry colleagues to pay attention to industry trends and development. China is the center of the world’s amusement industry, and Guangdong is also the central part of China’s amusement. Panyu district and Zhongshan city in Guangdong have formed the most concentrated industry clusters. With the strong support of the Guangdong Provincial Government, the amusement industry continues to grow and develop.

The GTI Committee has made every effort to promote cultural and creative IP as well as animation IP, and lead the expo to be a profound, historical, story-telling, cultural, connotative, and meaningful industry event, driving the rapid development of related industries such as information technology, animation, education, tourism, manufacturing, and commercial real estate, to name a few.”

GTI Likes, Gold Placard

The 2021 “GTI Gold List” award ceremony was held at the opening ceremony of GTI GZ Expo. Representatives from award-winning enterprises attended the ceremony. In mid-2020, with the pandemic effectively controlled in China, all of the industries started to promote work resumption and restore normal economic and social order. Being one of the most severely impacted industries by COVID-19, the game and amusement industry that needs to resume work and production still faces enormous challenges from independent innovation, funds, calling on talent, expanding promotion channels, transforming, and upgrading.

In order to stimulate the creativity of enterprises, raise industry attention, optimize amusement products, services, and promotion channels, the GTI Committee takes an active response to boost work & resume production by organizing the “GTI Gold List – Giving Thumbs Up Activity” based on its official Wechat account “gtichinaamuse.com” and the near 100,000 buyers resources to help the industry revive, upgrade and transform. On December 15, 2020, the first GTI Gold List –Most Popular Award in GTI Online Exhibition Hall was launched, and won great attention and support among industry peers. Later, the Most Popular Machine Award and Park Brand Clout King Giving-thumbs-up Activity were held on April 6 and July 16, 2021 respectively. The three times activities have gained 524,984 views and 83,446 likes.

Winners list

Most Popular Award in GTI Online Exhibition Hall

Champion: Shenzhen Brilliant Technology Co., Ltd.

The second prize: Guangzhou YueJuXing Animation Technology Co., Ltd.

The third prize: Guangzhou Zuan Bao Technology Co., Ltd.

Most Popular Machine Award

Champion: Pirate Hunt Shark (8P) - Manufacturer: Guangzhou Sea Animation Technology Co., Ltd.

The second prize: Sniper Elite 2 (fashion version) - Manufacturer: Guangzhou (Huatai) Baishun Animation Technology Co., Ltd. (Exclusive agency: Guangzhou BoDiLuo Investment and Development Co., Ltd.)

The third prize: Fubei Warriors - Manufacturer: Guangzhou Fubei Animation Technology Co., Ltd.

Park Brand Clout King Giving-thumbs-up Activity

Champion: Zhidawu Puzzle Paradise - Manufacturer: Guangdong Changxin Industrial Investment Co., Ltd.

The second prize: Missdeer (JoyCity, Tianjin) - Manufacturer: Elephant Sculpture Art Co., Ltd.

The third prize: Future Space Sports Park - Manufacturer: Funlandia Play System Inc.

Industry Revival, Star-studded Gatherings

This Expo occupied an area of 50,000㎡, which is growth of 67% compared to last year’s, and attracted about 400 famous enterprises among which 68 were the first-time exhibitors. The companies included Daqian, Zhuoyuan (FuninVR), Zhanhui (Baohui), ACE, Rongxiang, Sea, Elephant, Wanxiang, Fengyun, Wiseway, YouCaiHua, Arccer, Tongli, Hongxin, Saint-Fun, (Huatai) Baishun, Domerry, Yingpin, Guang Yang, Shunhong, Brilliant, Mecpower, Sealy, UNIS, Wahlap, Palm Fun, Gooest, Lefunland, PuFeiKe, Rixing, Golden Dragon, DuoLeMi, Tongniu, Jiuyou, U-Enjoy, AiDuoMi, Unique, JiXingLeYuan, Zhuoman, Max, HaiChuan, Colorful Sky, Maiteng, LeKaBi, Play More, Huatong, Jinhui, JinCaiHui, Mega Brand, AiYiHang, Funshare, Superwing, M SKY, Tangguo, Potato, Pan Asia, Jiechang, HongZhanRong, Baolian, XingManLe, Zhiqu, Jyuee, Daxin, Season, XiongZhiYe, Cuihua, LeYaoYao, and The One Kart, to name a few.

The exhibits covered five major fields including children’s amusement machines amusement park equipment, water park equipment, video games, and VR/AR/MR, nearly thousands of products such as redemption machines, simulators, gift machines, card machines; children’s riding equipment, water shooting equipment, naughty castle/puzzle, handmade tables, sand pool equipment, role play games, fishing and feeding equipment; outdoor large-scale water world equipment, indoor rafting, water park equipment; VR/AR/MR equipment, interactive projection equipment, digital & sports equipment; medium & large amusement equipment, sports competition equipment, karts, self-service vending machines, as well as environmental art, landscape, accessories, gifts, Garage Kit, supporting equipment, and so on. Among them, the number and types of exhibits on card machines, karts, outdoor equipment, water park equipment and self-service new retail equipment all show clear growth. And the gameplays of video games have also been updated. For example, many redemption machines not only award tickets but also gifts, cards, or gashapons; lots of gashapon machines have upgraded many new gameplays to add more fun and interaction.


The total number of visitors to this three days exhibition was about 35,163, among which the visitors from other provinces take 40% covering 22 provinces and 82 cities. In addition, the GTI Committee has provided online exhibition halls, Chinese and English websites, a magazine in five languages, GTI E-magazine, Wechat official account/mini program/video channel, Facebook, Weibo, Tiktok and other medias to a large number of domestic and foreign buyers who are unable to visit the site due to the epidemic to obtain the latest industry information and purchase the latest equipment, aiming to build a comprehensive online information platform. In the future, the GTI Committee will always be committed to broadening the scope of exhibits, attracting more companies to attend, improving online and offline service platforms, striving to provide professional buyers with more excellent equipment as well as services, and stimulating the creativity of enterprises.


No Time to Lose, The Future has Come

Nowadays, the cultural tourism industry is a new growth point in China’s national economy. Its rapid development provides an important direction for economic restructuring and regional economic development. It is also the necessary request to cultivate culture creativity and boost culture powerhouse building. Because the game & amusement industry is a key part of cultural tourism industry, the common problem that all the amusement peers are thinking of is how to ride on the wave of China’s vigorous development of culture tourism industry to fully raise the altitude of the industry and diversify its future.


Being one of the important international development platforms of the game & amusement industry, GTI GZ Expo 2021 has actively embraced the development trend of the times and launched the Future Concept of Cultural Tourism Area to assist five sectors to connect with the cultural tourism industry. On the one hand, the Expo stimulates demand by supply. It stimulates the buyers’ unintended demand and unawareness of its demand; on the other hand, it encourages supply by demand. It encourages the innovation of enterprises, cultivates craftsmanship spirit and drives the improvement of industry’s technology and promotion of operation.

In the future, the Future Concept of Cultural Tourism Area will be a bridge between game enterprises and buyers, boosting the healthy and rapid development of the game & amusement industry, promoting “Culture + Technology”, “Culture + Tourism”, and “Tourism + Technology”, and contributing to the more intelligent, more immersive as well as more diversified future of the industry.

Cross-sector integration creates a new chapter; future industry opens a new era. The 14th GTI Asia China Expo will be held at Area A, China Import and Export Fair Pazhou Complex, Guangzhou in Golden September 2022. We request the pleasure of your company!

※The article is published in the GTI Magazine Issue No. 203 in December2021

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