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Great Surprises from Exhibitors; Various Gifts in Delivery! 2021-11-03

The GTI Asia China Expo is to unveil on November 3-5 at Area A, China Import and Export Fair Complex. All of the exhibitors are ready to distinguish themselves and lots of new products will debut in the expo. Let’s come and see!

UNIS Technology | WACCA Ver. 2R Player Experience Trial & Exchanging Meeting

Booth No.: 1T02

WACCA Ver. 2R, the bestseller of UNIS (Guangdong) Technology Co., Ltd. (short for UNIS), is to be officially launched in China on November 5. And UNIS will hold a large experience trial & exchanging meeting that is full of surprise and benefits in the GTI Asia China Expo. At that time, WACCA Ver. 2R (deluxe version) with a dazzling LED screen will make its first debut in the expo in a new packaging. Moreover, there will also be some new crane machines and music machines boasting new gameplays shown in the site to collide out of the new sparks of amusement industry.

Event 1: New Songs’ Time-Limited Competition

Time: 10:00-16:00 3-4 November

Prize: The top 18 players on the ranking list can get 2.0 CDs (1 per person) per day

Event 2

Fans Hobby Exchanging (Special Activity)

Time: 10:00-16:00 3-4 November

Details: old badge – 3 points; new badge – 4 points; Ver.2R poster – 1 point

Extra prize: the player who exchanges the most times per day will get an extra 2.0 CD

Gravity | Series Burning Activities

Booth No.: 4T01C

Gravity Amusement Technology Co., Ltd. (short for gravity) is one of the founders and promoters of Entertainment New Retailing mode. Over many years, it has launched various popular lip stick machines, goody bag machines, gashapon machines as well as blind box machines, and created the Supmia Capsule Mart business mode. This time, Gravity will invite many famous COSER to hold a thrilling Cosplay Catwalk show in GTI Asia China Expo and bring a series fantastic activities and surprising gifts.

Event 1: Lion Dance Performance

Event 2: Cosplay Catwalk show

Event 3: Rocket Gashapon Machine – Luck Draw

Event 4: Guests Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony and Address

Time: 10:30-11:00 3 November 

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