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Introduction of exhibitors’ hot products at GTI Asia China Expo 2020 (I) 2020-11-18

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Guangzhou Jiuyou Animation Technology Co., Ltd. 

Mars One is an exclusive gift machine specially developed for 1-5cm gifts, targeting children's gifts. There are various kinds of gifts in the venue, and the varied high-quality goods are bound to surprise players. Mars One features new joystick gameplay, automatic prize supplement, so that players experience different mechanical game. Rocket shape, the theme of space treasure, makes the venue more attractive and more valuable for players to experience. The machine has a special gift cost control to create profits and adjust profits. It aims to create the greatest value with the smallest gift, which includes more kinds of gifts, such as crystal, candy, food, jewelry, blind box, digital products, stationery and sports supplies.

Mars One

Nitto Fun Technology Co., Ltd.

Brave Firefighter is a 75-inch ultra-high-definition large-screen fire-fighting theme water shooting machine, which enjoys more parent-child interaction and stronger physical and visual impact. Four game levels: subway station, chemical plant, office, and freight ship. Insert coins, you can select the game level, and the fire fighting game starts. Press and hold the button of the water gun to shoot water, aim at the fire fighting point and shoot the water to score points. During the game, full energy can trigger a large water gun, then you can use it to extinguish the fire. At the end of the game, the more points you scored, the more tickets you will get.

Brave Firefighter

Guangzhou Tongniu Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd.

In Tongniu’s Treasure Hunt Journey - Parent-child Project Paradise, children can work hard with their parents to dig for small gifts by hand. The game is full of uncertainty, wonder, and "danger". When looking at the small gifts dug by hand, children will feel the indescribable happiness. During the game, parents and children can also acquire a lot of knowledge about engineering vehicles.

Tongniu’s Treasure Hunt Journey


Guangzhou Rongxiang Animation Technology Co., Ltd.

Banana Lure is a new type of interesting gift machine! The player controls the monkey's climbing distance by shooting the ball into the hole (the positive and negative numbers in the hole are the monkey's climbing steps). If the monkey successfully climbs to the top, you can get the gift! Interesting gameplay and cartoon-monkey appearance and theme greatly attract the attention of a good many players. It is more interesting for parent-child family and couples to play.


Banana Lure

ACE Amusement Technologies Co., Ltd.

Sky Riders (Twins) is a high-end interactive game machine, which is an air cycling game interpreting the combination of sports and entertainment. Players can experience 360 degrees of free flight in the air and the pleasures of an unprecedented Bird's Eye View. Through the full dynamic bike, players will get a wonderful game experience while exercising. The game boasts multiple roles and scenes, and rich content; therefore operators can get better revenue. Players will have a sense of challenge and accomplishment when they go a level up. Parents and children can jointly challenge the levels, which is good for their relationships. Sky Riders enjoys a high quality, beautiful appearance, multi-dimensional new game mode, and new concept of flying in the air, attaining high popularity at venues!

Sky Riders (Twins)

Sun-Wing Electronics Ltd. 

Cookie Master 2 is available for two players. After inserting coins, you will get cookies as "bullets", then aim at the snacks on the train and press the launch button to shoot. At last, push forward the cookies you shot through the push table to get points.

Cookie Master 2


Guangzhou Huatong Technology Co., Ltd. 

Victoria is a ball-pushing redemption machine, which features a cool black and white style. The appearance of the machine is fashionable with cute cartoon characters, which is very eye-catching. Victoria boasts easy gameplay, and numerous small and big prizes, which is very attractive to players. Exciting gameplay of “small ball pushes big ball” enjoys enduring popularity.


Guangzhou (Huatai) Baishun Animation Technology Co., Ltd. 

The King of Guns features 1080P HD graphics and a next generation engine as the basis of development. It adopts the theme of justice, which focuses on anti-terrorism activity, supplemented by resisting foreign biological invasion. AK prop gun is the first choice of the game. Players can use all kinds of props randomly, such as grenades, M16, rocket launchers and powerful Gatling guns, which are vivid and dynamic. The game boasts six exquisite scenes, which brings a strong sense of visual impact. There are various game modes, including bullet mode, time mode, and limited time mode. It also introduces the MVP photo award system to highlight the glory and award the medal of justice to the winner.

The King of Guns

Guangzhou Zhanhui Animation Science & Technology Co., Ltd. 

Stone Age is a leisure game with the world of dinosaurs as the background, and presents a variety of original landscapes. Players can take the role as cute and funny "primitive man", then explore and find treasures to win tickets. Stone Age features different small games, you will play different games to get the tickets accordingly, which is adding fun to the game. It’s very suitable for families and friends to experience together.

Stone Age

Guangzhou Domerry Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd. 

Space Adventure takes the space station as the inspiration, "space exploration" as the theme, and reappears the space station and the work of astronauts. Space Adventure combines different gameplay. Children will be happy when they explore the game.

Space Adventure

Anhui Hi Wave Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd. 

The dimension of the inflatable single-pump surfing simulator is 13.7 x 7 x 3.8 m³, and the weight is about 5 tons. The surfing area stretches 50 sq.m, and the height of the water surface is 6-10 cm, which can support 1-2 surfers at the same time. The power of the equipment is 90KW (380V / 110A), and the water volume is 35 tons. It is equipped with 4 sets of carbon fiber skateboards. The main material of the equipment is TPU nano membrane material, equipped with a circulating water system and an air supplement device. The inflatable single-pump equipment has minimal restrictions on the site, and no building work is required, which features easy installation and disassembly and convenient transportation. It is suitable for short-term commercial theme activities.

Inflatable single-pump surfing simulator

Beijing Xushida Technology Co., Ltd. 

Holds the ball and rolls forward. Players can score when the ball passes through the hole by measuring the time and position. Dynamic Ball boasts easy gameplay, which is suitable for all ages. It is of great benefit to develop intelligence and improve the health of the middle-aged and old. Players achieve the goal of fitness while entertaining. They can build arm and shoulder muscles and develop the coordination of hands and eyes.

Dynamic Ball

Dezhou Six More High-tech Startup Service Co., Ltd. 

1 vending machine = 1 smart unmanned ice cream shop. The machine boasts a kind of milk, 3 toppings, 3 jams, and 59 flavors. Large ingredient capacity makes the operation and maintenance easier. After developing the intelligent cloud systems, Six More’s chipset for its ice cream vending machine has been upgraded to an intelligent one. The intelligent chipset can realize remote upgrade and diagnosis, self-diagnosis and fault self-repair, as well as other functions. The stability of the machine and the taste of ice cream have been greatly improved.

The 5th generation of Cloud B83

Guangzhou DaKongYi Animation Co., Ltd. 

Egg Hero is a high-revenue gashapon machine, which features the delicate and lovely capsule shape. There are two operation modes: selling mode and probability mode. There are 7 colors (white, black, yellow, red, blue, green, and pink) to choose from. The upper half and both sides of the machine are equipped with an all-round gift display platform. High intensity lights make gifts more eye-catching. The cabinet is transparent with colorful lights, which is very gorgeous. The high-power stainless steel turntable features agitator stick and positive and negative turning non-stick function. The top of the machine with a light box can be changed according to requirements.

Egg Hero

Guangzhou Unique Animation Technology Co., Ltd. 

The crown crane Muko Aries crane machine can work for long hours, though hot but still powerful without failure (redevelop and rebuild the coil and the outer protective sleeve of the coil). The falling object trajectory is different from others on the market and achieves any falling point within the whole chassis. It offers a super exciting and unprecedented entertainment experience for players.

Muko Aries

Guangzhou Kingbot Animation Technology Co., Ltd. 

Product: Redemption machine
Usage: Redemption game machine
Material: Wood-free paper/Coated paper
Size: Long ticket / Half ticket
Package: 100k pcs / 200k pcs each case

Redemption tickets

Guangzhou DanDanTang Animation Technology Co., Ltd. 
Children’s puzzle table games of the Maker series, launched in September 2018, have sold up to 1,000 sets across the country. The recipients of the Maker series mainly are children aged from 2-9 years old. Lovely shapes and rich gameplay enable the series to be very popular among all families. It is learned that educational toys can promote children's cognitive development, which is conducive to the cultivation of children's observation, memory, imagination and creativity.

Children’s puzzle table games of the Maker series

Guangzhou HaoJiLe Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd. 

This product is colorful and durable as it is made from a high quality composite material panel and fiberglass. The whole part is welded with high quality square steel tubing, which is solid and reliable. It is also equipped with an electronic radar warning system, a locomotive with systems of simulated smoking, rear-view image, and MP3. Surprisingly, there are also two 20-inch HD LCD screens on both sides of the locomotive.

Super Train

Guangzhou HuiQiGu Animation Technology Co., Ltd. 

The adult basketball machine, King Basketball, is equipped with a 79-inch luxury LCD screen and a thick hardware cabinet for interaction. The bright lights make the basket very lively, which is very popular among teenagers. This equipment can be used for company activities or live competition.

Adult Basketball Machine

Guangzhou Colorful Creative Toys Co., Ltd. 

Selling 5-150cm plush toys
The products’ style is novel with preferential price and good quality
Customized style is available

10-inch Chiffon Dress Rats

Guangzhou PDL Animation Technology Co., Ltd. 

The all-iron luxury chassis can bear a weight of about 300kg and can accommodate 3-5 people at a time. The design is reasonable, safe and firm. The lighting effect is based on a high-tech design. After inserting the coin, players can immediately start the game. There are a total of 8 interesting breakthrough games. With high-definition pictures, you just need to step on the monsters on the screen with your feet, and pass the level by defending resources from being robbed within a limited time. When the game is over, you will enter the lottery part and you can get points or lottery tickets, and the points can be exchanged for gifts. The equipment not only increases the intimacy between parents and children, but also helps players to exercise themselves.

Stepping Monster

Neofuns Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd. 

The equipment that has a cool punk style appearance and the stable program is independently developed by Neofuns. Its three-claw debugging function gives players a more realistic experience.

Funs Star

Guangzhou Sunzee Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. 

Integration of advertising machine and cotton candy machine
Supportive payment: Alipay + WeChat + Coin
Short cost returning cycle and easy maintenance
Stable and easy operation, high efficiency

Automatic Cotton Candy Machine

Baolian Industry Co., Ltd. 

Our products feature a unique and attractive appearance using two colors. The built-in LED PCB for lighting with 110 power terminals has a long lifespan and is easy to use. The built-in gold-plated microswitch comes with terminals up to 10,000,000 cycles of usage. There are two size options. Both of them are suitable for various machines.

Small/Medium Square LED Pushbutton with Double Color Body

Guangzhou Hongtuo Entertainment Technology Co., Ltd. 

There are thousands of songs which include 7 major categories in this product. And each of song is a classic comes with monthly updates. The new function: music composition teaching, which can be used for site attraction or student recruitment for jazz drum training agency, reaching the purpose of learning thru playing. Besides, this product’s other functions including adjustable music speed, optional teaching difficulty, switchable Chinese and English language version, vertical track or musical notation playing. Lights flash with music, and it is also equipped with Roland drum TD-11.

BeiBei’s Drum Coach

Guangzhou Colorful Sky Technology Co., Ltd. 

Candy Fairy is a five-person parent-child interactive entertainment machine. After inserting coins, you just need to press the "Start" button, then the numbers start flashing; and then press the "Start" button again, flashing stops. The final lighting number is what the number of gifts you can get. You can get one gift at least. The machine particularly tests your hand-eye coordination ability.

Candy Fairy

Guangzhou Shixuan Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.  

AB Football features a unique appearance, colorful lighting effects with adjustable flashing speed. Accompanying interesting music & sound effects and changing lighting, both sides of players attack and guard against each other, experiencing a perfect combination of competition and entertainment. AB Football is a parent-child interactive device adopting the traditional gameplay of ice hockey. Players can fully show their judgment and quick hand-eye coordination abilities. Also, the device can promote interaction between children and their parents, which is the favorite for operators of children's amusement equipment. Shixuan’s unique independently developed program and high quality electronic chip contributes to the product’s stable and effective program.

AB Football

Guangzhou Potato Animation Technology Co., Ltd.  

The appearance of Spinning Kiddy Ride - Super Wings Donnie is themed with Super Wings. The characters and scenes of the product include the sea, land and sky. Children can watch wonderful videos of Super Wings through a 13-inch screen while riding up and down the machine as if they are in the funny scene. Through the game, children can experience different scenes riding the same machine. The lifting kiddy ride is an upgraded version of the swing machine, which offers more rich experience by rocking up and down, left and right.

Spinning Kiddy Ride - Super Wings Donnie

Guangzhou U-Enjoy Animation Equipment Co., Ltd. 

When the coin falls down from the middle of the lion's head, the Ferris wheel running light starts to turn quickly, and when the light stops at 3/5/8, the corresponding number of coins will come out. When the light stops at the position of 10, 10 coins will come out and a red light will light up. The “Train Super Prize” will be triggered when all seven red lights are on, and the train will dump all its coins onto the platform.

Dream Castle (Plus)

Guangzhou Yonee Electronics Co., Ltd. 

Monster 3 is a battle arcade independently developed by Yonee. Its popularity has been beyond imagination. The all-metal cabinet, cool appearance and colorful lighting are very eye-catching. There are two types: one is red cyberstar and the other is black standard. In addition, the beautiful 42-inch HD screen brings a realistic picture to players while the imported joystick and buttons increase players’ satisfaction experience.

Monster 3 Battle Arcade

Guangzhou Raise Technology Company 

Passion of World Cup is a mechanical ticket machine that is combined with token and ticket redemption. Through the cooperation of eyesight and body, you just need to aim at the score hole by inserting coins into the special coin acceptor (shaped like a gun) through the transmission belt to get rewards. The cabinet design of this product is very unique, with three machines put together. The bright patterns, colorful lighting effects, dynamic sound effects all attractive, which increases amusement area’s popularity and revenue.

Passion of World Cup

Guangzhou Topology Entertainment Technology Co., Ltd. 

Dragon Rider is one of the most popular arcade games among the public and has a variety of playing ways. The game provides players with a real riding experience using VR+ Servo dynamic platform, abundant game contents, next-gen game picture quality, weather system, mechanism system, etc., which bring players surprises both in vision and motion. Players can change the direction and jump of the horse by controlling the rein from right to left, while change the speed of the horse by pressing buttons. There are different routes and mechanisms. You can battle with AI characters or your friends. Winner is the one who arrives at the terminal in the shortest time.

Dragon Rider

Guangzhou Wanjiale Amusement Co., Ltd. 

Being charged for 8.5 hours in one time, Jack Police can be available for 8 hours nonstop. The car, having six color shapes, is equipped with LED lights, music speakers, steering wheel, and brake. And three ways of payment are available in Jack Police, including card payment, cash payment, and mobile payment. With its background data, the car can be drove automatically and adjusted the game time as needed.

Jack Police

Guangzhou XingManLe Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd. 

The Slam Dunk Pro is a kind of 2-player redemption machine, which is based on the theme of basketball, and has three game modes. Equipped with LCD display, the machine provides the game scenes in high definition. During the game, different basketball rims are worth of different rewards. Players who shoot into the normal rim can gain the tickets directly, to basketball rim can get one more ball, to time rim can shoot nonstop in the given time; to U-turn rim can make the rims shown in reverse order, and when put into the JackPot rim, players will start the rich reward game. Upon the full of the game energy bar, it will go into super slam dunk time and players can be rewarded with three times tickets once they hit.

Slam Dunk Pro

Guangzhou XiongZhiYe Animation Technology Co., Ltd. 

Kids Motion Plane is a motion simulator integrating flying, shooting and wobbling games. Players can enjoy a super entertainment experience from it.

Kids Motion Plane

Guangzhou Learning and Playing Animation Technology Co., Ltd. 

The dinosaur sand table is made of high quality FRP materials, which is equipped with plastic cartoon light boxes. The simple design of Macaron style makes it more attractive in park areas.

Dinosaur Sandtable

Guangzhou Yiru Anime Technology Co., Ltd. 

The design of Greedy Cat is mainly in cartoon style, which is combining lots of cartoon elements, giving the clean and simple impression to customers. The machine builds its scene under the theme of “Cat Catching Fishes”, and adds many dynamic elements to make it more interesting and acceptable. The flashing lights around the fishpond are also attractive for the visitors.

Greedy Cat

Guangzhou Pleasure Longmeng Software Technology Co., Ltd. 

With many years of developing, testing, upgrading, and improving, the Ticket House of Yuelongmeng has finally launched, with a fashionable shape and the best quality. The structure of the machine has been upgraded, and it is hard for tickets to get stuck; even if it happens, they can be easily removed with bare hands. The machine is also designed to prevent pulling tickets. Once the tickets are pulled repeatedly, players will be deducted the number of their tickets and could even make the machine crash. The fully transparent design of Ticket House also shows how the tickets are torn, which can increase the fun of tearing tickets and make it more attractive.

Ticket House

Guangzhou YuDoEr Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd. 

Super Cowboy is a children’s edutainment and parent-child game machine with a special baby cow shape and a cute expression, which makes it lovely and attractive. Under the flashing lights, Super Cowboy becomes shining and bright. Equipped with a 3D screen display, the machine features five kinds of game scenes. Players just need to simply press the button after inserting the coins, then throw a rope to trap the animal in the game, and pull them back with the joysticks. When trapping the animals successfully, players can get 1-1000 points randomly which can be exchanged for tickets and gashapons.

Super Cowboy

Guangzhou Zhuoyuan Virtual Reality Tech Co., Ltd.

Being one of the hot products of Zhuoyuan, Vr Dark Mars has been popular for many years. It can offer the game contents like extreme sports, ocean exploration, cartoons, aerospace, and fire safety. In addition, its six-player design makes it achieve high revenue in a short time. With a classic dark outlook and exciting butters, the simulator can be interactive shooting and make a sound when the buttons are tapped. Combining effects like air jetting, leg sweeping, and vibrating, VR Dark Mars really can take the players into an amazing game world.

VR Dark Mars

Hangzhou Zhangmeng Software Co., Ltd. 

Westward Tour is an amazing adventure card game machine based on the story of Journey to the West. Various cartoon characters will show up in the game and players can choose different cards to vanquish the demons and monsters they meet, then start their western adventure.

Westward Tour

Rufeng Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd. 

As a children’s entertainment product, Envmt Guardians is aimed at the family markets where the kids are 4-12 years old. The product can be used both in the children parks and the government’s promotion of environmental protection. The machine’s screen will change content when the balls hit the target, which can make the game more interactive and interesting. In addition, the value of scores can be adjusted and a JP Big Prize is also set for the winners. With its special shape, the machine can immerse the players into the game quickly, and during the spare time, it can also play environmental protection videos.

Envmt Guardians

Zhongshan Desen Paper Co., Ltd. 

Desen Paper, a professional game tickets manufacturer, is equipped with efficient management systems, high-speed rotary presses, and advanced reprocessing facilities, which is able to supply all kinds of game tickets in any material and thickness.

Game Tickets

Guang Yang Amusement Technology Co., Ltd.

Epic Shooter can offer four levels of the game, and each level contains four sections, including set shot section, crazy dunking section, energy bar filling section, and lucky wheel section. Equipped with a VIP system, the machine can record the players’ personal scores at any time which plays an active role in attracting game players. This online game also enables players to know the real-time highest record on the left of the big screen. The big screen display not only can play its own game advertisement but also can be rented to other users to increase the revenue. And the inner cameras of the machine can take a picture of players as the images. The surrounding lights flash following the beats of shooting, and the transparent glass board here provides a good view to the players for shooting.

Epic Shooter

Zhongshan Golden Dragon Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd.

The design of Double Deck Carrousel 88p shows a childlike and dreamy style. The ceilings and boards are inlaid with colorful reliefs along with many flashing lights, making the whole carousel spectacular and gorgeous. Many delicate carriages are on the turntable, and the diamonds are shining under the yellow lights. In the flow of music, following the up and down of the horses, the glorious carousels bring tourists into a wonderful world!

Double Deck Carrousel 88p

Zhongshan Luck & Jinying Amusement Machine Co., Ltd.

PPC113 non-antenna bumper car is only used for visitors and entertainment areas. The drivers can press the pedal button to start or stop the car and change directions with its steering wheel.

PPC113 non-antenna Bumper Car

LX-Game Amusement Machine Co., Ltd.

With the coins inserted, the game begins and players start to shoot down the sharks with balls in the limited time. Different sharks represent different scores. Players that shoot down the red shark can get double scores. When the game has ended, the system will calculate the total scores. Once the record is broken, the super bonus will be rewarded to the players.

Shark Park

Zigong HaiChuan Dinosaur Landscape Technology Co., Ltd.

Animatronic dinosaurs focus on the popularization of science and will be turned via an electric connection. Animatronic dinosaurs can move and make a sound, just like the real one. It re-presents the scene of its life according to the species and habits of dinosaurs in different periods.

Animatronic dinosaurs

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