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GTI Asia China Expo | Exhibitors’ Must-read Notice 2020-08-29

As the countdown to the 12th GTI Asia China Expo begins, exhibitors are preparing for the pre-exhibition work in full swing. The following is the schedule and notice for the exhibition arrangement on September 7 and 8. Please follow the instructions to ensure the smooth progress of your work during the exhibition.

  1. In order to ensure your safety and health, all visitors who enter the exhibition halls must register with their real names and fill their identity information truthfully, according to the epidemic prevention and control requirements issued by the government. Exhibitor badges are for personal use only, and cannot be lent or given to others.
  2. All exhibitors must complete online real-name registration before the exhibition!
  3. Please bring your ID card with you, wear a mask all the way in the exhibition hall, and follow procedures of "identity check, temperature check, and show the "blue/green Suikang code". Only those who pass the above checks can enter the exhibition hall.

4. Foreigners entering the exhibition hall must present a negative result of novel coronavirus nucleic acid test conducted within 7 days.

①Please declare your personal health and residence information truthfully, and apply for a Suikang Code in advance through the Suikang WeChat Mini Program.

②Scan the registration QR code to fill your identity information truthfully, then submit it.

③Scan your ID card to enter the exhibition hall.
If the information you filled in the step 2 is not in line with your ID card, you will not able to enter the exhibition hall.

Note: Those who do not have an ID card will receive a temporary pass issued by GTI Organizing Committee after presenting other identity document (passport, Mainland Travel Permit for Taiwan Residents, Home Return Certificate, etc.), and show your temporary pass + valid ID to walk through the manual inspection channel (Entrance to Hall 2.1 on Pearl Promenade).


Exhibition Schedule at A Glance




Special Design Shell Scheme Exhibitor Registration & Move-in

Sept. 7-8


Shell Scheme Exhibitor Registration & Move-in

Sept. 8


Exhibit Registration & Move-in

Sept. 7


Sept. 8


Opening Ceremony

Sept. 9


Trade Show Floor Open for Exhibitors

Sept. 9-10


Sept. 11


Trade Show Floor Open for Visitors

Sept. 9-10


Sept. 11


Exhibit Move-out

Sept. 11


Booth Move-out

Sept. 11


Entrance Map

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