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GTI Asia China Expo 2018 - introducing you the first list of decoration companies with quality certification (2018/08/01) 2018-08-01

On September 12-14, GTI Asia China Expo will welcome its grand celebration - 10th anniversary.  Slightly, GTI Asia China Expo has advanced hand in hand with numerous companies for 9 years.  We believe that all the preparatory works are in full swing .  As an exhibitor, do you struggle with the issue that how to catch buyers’ attentions?  And, are you confused about the booth decoration?  Here are some information about the decoration companies which can definitely help you!  Don’t forget to pay attention to the deadline of booth layout design plan.

The first list of decoration companies with quality certification 
Guangzhou Hawji Exhibition Co., Ltd.
Contact: He Mi
Tel: +86-15692438416

  1. mail: 1831887908@qq.com

Guangzhou Best Exhibition Engineering Co., Ltd.
Contact: Jiang Hao
Tel: +86-13928872686
E-mail: 2638311681@qq.com
Website: www.gzbaisetu.com

Guangzhou Rijian Exhibition Services Co., Ltd.
Contact: Chen Yuting
Tel: +86-13066321388
E-mail: gzrijian@126.com
Website: gz-rijian.com 

Guangzhou Chengfeng Exhibition Decoration Co., Ltd.
Contact: Chu Binglin
Tel: +86-18620587266
E-mail: 2881980378@qq.com
Website: www.chengfenggz.com

Guangzhou Color Exhibiton Service Co., Ltd.
Contact: Lu Miaoling
Tel: +86-13611491946
E-mail: 2287129066@qq.com
Website: www.cai-she.com

Guangzhou Rui Hong Exhibition Co., Ltd.
Contact: Zeng Wenjuan
Tel: +86-18665619432
E-mail: 2632549538@qq.com
Website: www.rh-gz.com

Guangzhou Jun Xin Da Dong Dao Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd.
Contact: Ms. Cai
Tel: +86-15011912287
E-mail: 3294353097@qq.com
Website: www.jxdddkj.com

Guangzhou Chao Zhi Yue Exhibition Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd.
Contact: Ma Jinghua
Tel: +86-13922333958
E-mail: 1391590927@qq.com
Website: www.gzczy168.com

Guangzhou Lian Dao Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.
Contact: Ms. Hou
Tel: +86-13416484710
E-mail: 1509268738@qq.com
Website: www.liandaozhanlan.com

*The list is updated to July 19th and will be kept updating!

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