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[Intellectual Property] Service Desk set at Hall 13.2 (2016/09/05) 2016-09-05

During the GTI Asia Expo (Sept. 9~ Sept. 11), if exhibitors have any tort doubt on their own products, such as intellectual property or patent, they can have a negotiation at the Intellectual Property(IP) Service Desk set at Hall 13.2.  GTI encourages original and protect IP right.  GTI is also committed to creating a healthy and open environment for the entertainment industry with all of you.



When safeguarding the IP right at the IP Service Desk , exhibitors should provide below documents:
(1) Application for complaint: the basic information of complainant and respondent, request of complaint and the facts and reasons for complaint;

(2) Legal and valid ownership certificate: Patent Certificate, Patent Announcement, Identification of Patent Holder and Identification of Legal Status of Patent;

(3) Other relevant evidence materials.


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